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Chantay Savage

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Chantay, Chantay, Chantay... any way you slice it, it's a fierce name attached to a fierce vocalist.

Ms. Chantay Savage burst onto the musical scene in 1993, scoring big with her hits, "Betcha'll Never Find", "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" and "Give It To Ya".

Chantay has been readying a full frontal musical attack for her second RCA Records album, aptly entitled I Will Survive (Doing It My Way). The Chicago native has changed in the time since her first album. "I've gone through a metamorphosis, I've grown; I'm not the same person I was two years ago," says Chantay, of her level of expanded musical maturity. She's now poised to claim her rightful place among today's Black music divas.

On this new R&B album , the diminutive singer/songwriter reinterprets two tunes by divas who did them before her, adding her own musical blend to their mixes. Chantay took the first single from this LP, "I Will Survive," breathed new life into it with her inventive arranging skills, and it emerges as a lush, chilling rendition. Also coming back for another life with Chantay is Patti LaBelle's "Love, Need, Want" (produced be Grand Puba).

Increased control over how the public would perceive her vocal craft was important to Chantay when undertaking this project. Her willingness to take creative risks with established hits, even remold a disco standard, allowed her to tackle "I Will Survive," and make it more of a personal statement. "The song is a symbolism of my life over the past two years," says Chantay of her reshaped musicianship. "When I was approached to do the song, I said that the only way I could do it, was if I took if, broke it down and made it R&B."

Other stand-out tracks include "Baby, Baby, Baby," "All My Love," "Pillow Talk," and "I'm Willing," all of which celebrate black men, women and their interactions. Chantay wants to honor relationships. "Society limits what black people get," she says. "Yes, we have men. There are lots of GOOD Black men. I didn't want to go in that male-bashing vein."

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