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B.G. / BG

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"On his fifth album the funk pulsates as he gives props to his label on 'Cash Money Is an Army' and spits out edgy ghetto tales on 'Trigger Play' and 'Thuggin' ... the up-tempo 'Bling, Bling', with its spacey techno sounds, and the infectious 'Hard Times' provide variety and are sure to get heads moving" -- USA Today

Long before his Cash Money brethren Hot Boys, The Big Tymers and Juvenile hit the national spotlight with their stunning LPs, B.G. (AKA Baby Gangsta) was tearing up the regional charts with his poignant lyrics and awesome flow that move all who hear him for the first time. Although very few people outside of the Deep South and Midwest had heard of Baby Gangsta prior to his performance on Juvenile's platinum-selling 400 Degreez, make no mistake about it, B.G. is a seasoned veteran - a bona fide supernova set to explode on the national scene.

Born in the infamous Uptown section of New Orleans, Baby Gangsta acquired his moniker because of his reputation for doing dirt at a very early age. According to the 17-year old rap artist, his troubles are largely due to the loss of his father and his environment - one of the poorest, most dangerous urban areas in the nation. "Being from the ghetto, you get caught up sometimes," explains B.G. "I was out there acting up and doing stuff that I had no business doing - like going to jail for ditching school and breaking curfew."

B.G.'s love and appreciation for rap music eventually led him to writing and reciting rhymes. "In junior high school, I would be in the hallway giving little mini-concerts, or just writing rhymes whenever and wherever..." offers B.G. "I just knew I had it in me to make it in the rap game."

So did Ronald "Slim" Williams and his brother Bryan "Baby" Williams, the owners of Cash Money Records who signed B.G. at the tender age of eleven years old. In no time, B.G. went from being an unknown local rapper with a reputation for rowdiness to being one of the region's most prolific rhymers. His debut LP, the eerie semi-autobiographical True Story created a major stir in his hometown, easily outselling big name acts two to one regionally. The album established the young lyricist as the heir apparent to hard-core reality-based rappers.

He followed that up with his equally stunning sophomore album, Chopper City, which sold over 100,000 units, but it wasn't until he dropped It's All On You Volumes I & II that the name B.G. began to ring around the nation's underground. Both volumes sold over 250,000 apiece. As a member of the Hot Boys, an all-star hip-hop dream team featuring Juvenile, Lil' Wayne and Young Turk, he furthered his status as a regional superstar with an album titled, Get It How U Live. So popular is B.G., that his classic hits "Uptown Thang" and the sparkling baller's anthem "Get Your Shine On" can still move the crowd in any club down South or in the Midwest.

Now, with Cash Money's association with Universal Records, B.G. is set to explode in the national scene with his fourth solo album, "Chopper City In The Ghetto". Produced by the up & coming Mannie Fresh, "Chopper City In The Ghetto" takes the listener on a whirl-wind tour through the rough and tumble terrain that is B.G.'s home - New Orleans' Uptown section (AKA Chopper City). "Chopper City is another word for an AK-47 assault rifle," explains B.G. The AK-47 can be analogous to B.G.'s lyrical style and flow which comes off with a force so deadly and so precise that there is no way to ignore it's impact. On the eerily anthemic lead single, "Cash Money Is An Army", B.G. spits venomous lyrics amped by Mannie's moog-induced bass-line and a tight bounce-inspired beat.

Indeed, B.G.'s "Chopper City In The Ghetto" packs enough rounds to ensure a rapid-fire secession of hits throughout the spring and summer, making B.G. and the Cash Money clique the soldiers to watch in 2000. Or, as B.G. puts it, "We're coming in the rap game knocking thangs down, so you either gotta roll with us or get rolled over."

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