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Aaron Hall

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Just like your mama taught you: it's what's inside that counts. At least, that's what counts most with artist/producer Aaron Hall on Inside Of You, his new MCA solo album and most accomplished work to date. By inviting fans on an inward journey of the heart, Hall set out to create a musical haven in the tradition of his debut MCA release The Truth. The end result is a tribute to Aaron's uncompromising artistic temperament.

For Aaron, making Inside Of You was more than just a creative outlet: it was a form of therapy. After he experienced the tragic death of both his mother and young son, he set out to create an album that would make them both proud. Recorded in Aaron's native New York and new home in Florida, Inside Of You was produced by Emanuel Seal, Malik Pendleton, and Aaron Hall himself. Making things even more personal, Aaron wrote twelve of the album's songs. "It was the only way I could do away with the hurt," he says. "I didn't want my hurt to appear as though I hate the world. I could easily have been mean and bitter, but I chose not to be that way."

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