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SuperBooty is, without question, San Francisco's flyest 70's retro party band. Imagine if you will a fifteen-piece ensemble, created to honor the memory of America's craziest decade, when hot tubs, discos, and swing parties were the jet set's activities of choice.

It is with great enthusiasm that SuperBooty has revived the spirit and the sound of this period in American history, from the perfectly sexy outfits to a set list pulled straight from 1975. This disco and funk ensemble has eagerly stolen the style, sound, and syrupy soulfullness of this era, and fused it into their 70's-based stage show.

"SuperBooty is a creative response to a world gone mad," states lead vocalist Skippy Tornado. "We are the Spinal Tap of Disco. We exist to perform the best dance music ever created -70's disco, funk, and soul. Music that is performed LIVE, without computers or DAT tapes. You simply cannot beat the sound of a determined fifteen-piece band. It's really a lost art form."

And no one can accuse Tornado of jumping late onto the 70's retro bandwagon. He explains: "I've been doing this stuff since 1985 - way before it was cool. I rightly consider myself to be the Duke of Retro-Disco."

The SuperBooty Ensemble was formed in May of 1995 as a creative vehicle for Tornado's cartoon-like artistic vision, which combines a high-camp attitude with a musical form of comedy. "I have an incredible fondness for things that are irreverent," he says. "The way I see it, unless it is silly, it's really not worth doing!"

If this is the case, then the band has found it's calling, as devoted fans flock to their shows in record numbers and boogie down to the SuperBooty Sound. It is always a spectacular affair, an incredible display of ego, fashion, bad eyewear, and 70's dance music, which always gets people up on their feet and ready to groove.

It is with this mix of musical tribute and theatrical slant that SuperBooty has exploded onto the local scene. Mr. Tornado describes the act perfectly by stating, "It's beyond the realm of good or bad taste. It is a musical tribute that is completely over the top, created in the spirit of the 70's music scene to provide relief from the cynicism of the nineties." With that in mind, SuperBooty, the mutha of all disco bands, is ready to funk you up.

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