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R E T i S O N i C is brand new, though not without history. Over the past six years, Washington DC’s Bluetip had earned a dedicated following and a reputation for powerful live shows. Endless touring took them through Europe, Japan, and the U.S. countless times with fellow bands at the Drive-In, International Noise Conspiracy, Tool, the Melvins, and Burning Airlines. But after four albums of cooking up their jagged confections, Bluetip’s sugar high had its inevitable crash. Following the release of their most recent album “Post Mortem Anthem” (Dischord Records No.126), the band closed the candy shop and called it quits.Not one to sit around, Bluetip’s singer/songwriter/guitarist Jason Farrell grabbed Joe Gorelick to kick the drums.

Joe had done a short stint in Bluetip, but is best known for his jaw-dropping drumming in emo-melodic-mathematicians Garden Variety, whose six years of tours and releases (Cargo/Headhunter, Gern Blandsten and Lookout!) earned them considerable respect. The two found Jim Kimball from New York natives J Majesty (Some Records) and the band was complete. Retisonic was formed, opting for a stripped-down three-piece lineup, mixing new flavors with their favorites. A dollop of new wave, a quart of post-hardcore, a pound of rock... whipped vigorously with buzzed-up guitar riffs and drumming that borders on manic.

“We still love guitars,” swears Farrell, “so there are ghosts of our previous bands (Bluetip, Garden Variety, J Majesty) in our sound. But this time around, arrangements are streamlined... each song is more focused. We’re paying much more attention to vocal melodies and harmonies.” In these songs one can also hear the phantoms of what must be their favorite bands; Cheap Trick, The Damned, Gary Numan, Fugazi... but this sort of haunting is as refreshing as it is diverse. The result veers between aggressive and a spooky kind of pretty, all the while remaining hook-filled and powerful.

Retisonic has just released their six-song debut e.p. recorded earlier this year with producer J.Robbins (Jets to Brazil, Jimmy Eat World). It is titled LEAN BEAT, which is also the newly-coined name defining Retisonic’s musical style and approach; lean arrangements, leaning with the beat. Three labels from around the world have come together to make this release possible; SILVERTHREE SOUND RECORDINGS in the U.S., MODERN CITY RECORDS in Europe, and INHERITED ALLIANCE in Japan. Reviews in Alternative Press, NME, Kerrang!, and Rock Sound couldn’t be better.

Retisonic has just completed their first European tour, headlining shows throughout the U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. The band is planning a tour of the States this spring, radiating from their home base of New York City. In the meantime, go to and download their MP3 of “Filthy Way to Lose Yourself” to hear a definitive example of this lean beat aesthetic... and a damn good song, too.

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