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Pride & Joy

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The name says it all. During its 12 years of phenomenal success, Pride and Joy has remained the popular band on the Bay Area music scene. This group is the Pride of the Bay Area and a Joy to anyone that loves to dance. They have achieved this by presenting the most timeless pop/soul music of our time in an electrifying high-style show that pulls the audience directly into the heart of their performance.

The band can play anywhere from the most popular clubs on the circuit to wedding receptions, the top society parties and corportate events; everybody, everywhere, instantly relates to the music.

"Its always been natural for us to reach out and draw in the audience. We make the people feel they're part of the performance because they are," says Pride and Joy founder and bandleader Coleman Burke. "That's what Pride and Joy has always been about…creating a great feeling in the room. That's as important a part of our show as the work we put into our look, choreography and arrangements."

As evidence of Pride and Joy's across-the-board staying power, the band regularly sells out full-weekend engagements at San Francisco's premier clubs, the Great American Music Hall & Bimbos 365 Club and has set a house record at New George's, Marin county's most prominent club. In addition, they have played venues in Arizona, Hawaii, Nevada, Baltimore, Dallas, Denver, Houston, and engagements throughout California.

What critics have said about Pride and Joy:

"One of the cliches about the Bay Area music scene is that the region is so rich in live music that you can walk almost anytime into any small club and have a reasonable shot at seeing a truly first class act. It would be difficult to imagine better proof of that maxim than Pride and Joy, without a doubt one of the most potent and polished acts this writer has ever encountered purely by accident. The four vocalists exchange lead chores like a relay team passing a baton and each seems to continually top the others as the set unfolds. All of Pride and Joys tunes were re-created with equal passion and electricity in conjuring up an audio picture of the 60's era." -Billboard

"Pride and Joy produces the best dance music around. What a joy to dance pridefully…a pop rock group to be savored. YEAH!" - Herb Caen, San Francisco Chronicle

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