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Orange Can

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Step aboard a journey. Go to places. See the lights, hear the sounds. Feel it. Make it yours. Experience is everything and Orange Can know this only too well. Debut EP, 'The Engine House' was a diverse mix of hypnotic, pseudo-psychedelics that simply started the ball rolling. But is the future really orange?

Finally formed at the dawn of 1999, Orange Can's nucleus - the brothers James and Jason Aslett - set about laying down tracks for an album. With a concept they had had for many years, the departure from their former band freeing their creative ways, and a somewhat underused digital eight-track home-recording at their mercy, the experiments began. Three months later they were done and it was time to find an outpost for their offerings.

"To start with we were going to put it out on a little label called Fire," explains Jason. "And it was going to be released in July that year. But things changes. Almost all of the A&R men were saying 'Where's the singles... How are we going to get this across to Joe Bloggs.' They weren't really listening to the music - they were just looking for the best ways of selling it to as many people as possible. But we don't really write pop songs - we don't do that sort of thing. "To be honest, most of it was just a total waste of time going around to see these A&R people, until we saw Miles at Regal. And he was obviously someone who was into music. Properly into music. And as soon as we had met him - that was it, he was the obvious choice. For us it's about.. (laughs!) without wanting to go down that road, it IS about the music! We don't really care whether or not it sells thirty billion copies. Of course that would be nice, but for us we do everything as best as we can and usually it does come out pretty good. And Miles was right on that."

References are coming in thick and thin, and as with most bands whose music is by its very nature devoid of description, many unsuitable pigeonholes are banded about.

"People keep referring to the Stone Roses, and to Pink Floyd. And of late we've had a couple of Grateful Dead's, but I don't really know any Grateful Dead so I can't say whether that was true or not. Personally, I'd say it's nothing like Pink Floyd, it's nothing like the Stone Roses, it's not pop, it's certainly not indie, they're not standard songs, it's just how it comes out really. "I do think it's a bit lazy when people keep saying Stone Roses for the year 2000, and all that. Obviously its a really good thing if you're getting compared to a great band, and I would rather be compared to the Stone Roses than many other bands. But musically I don't see any comparison."

"We just try and make classic records. Really proper great stuff! If anything is not good enough, it doesn't go on. We turned away from tracks that by today's standards would be good, but for us weren't good enough. I hope it doesn't sound to cliched, but all we want to do is put out some proper great records. It's what its about."

And the rock'n'roll lifestyle is already staring to make it's presence on their days. Well, in a roundabout way. "We've met Beverly Knight" says Jason. "Well, we didn't actually meet her, we just saw her in MFI! We did have a photo shoot with a couple of the Beta Band. All very exciting stuff! But I think certainly the best thing about it is not having to go out to work while I'm trying to do this. That is a real privilege. Getting into the lifestyle. Meeting people - it's always great!"

'Entrance High Rise' LP is out on 6th March through Regal.

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