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OPM / O.P.M.

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Johne (vox), Geoff (guitars), Big B (vox), Jonathan (Keys), Matt (bass), Robert (drums).

OPM…oh so highly addictive, elicits extreme contentment and a rollin' good time. Born in Los Angeles' community, OPM has successfully blended hip hop and pop with laid-back reggae rhythms. The resulting fusion is FOR THEM ASSES, the new CD on Suburban Noize Records which hits UK streets June 13th, 2005. The 18-track collection is the follow-up to OPM's highly successful debut MENACE TO SOBRIETY, which reached #3 on the UK Charts as well as winning them the acclaimed "Single of the Year" Kerrang award for "Heaven is a Half Pipe". From the first notes of the 70's porno-esque soundtrack intro you're hooked. "It's a definite lifestyle," john e. explains. "It's about hanging out with friends in Cali, rollin and strollin."

FOR THEM ASSES was produced by OPM and Steve Gallagher, who has worked with Sugar Ray and Cypress Hill. The CD features guest appearances by reggae legend Yellowman, Eek A Mouse and label-mate Johnny Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings. The band has been through quite a journey following the success of the debut single, "Heaven Is A Half Pipe." You'd think that having the #1 nationwide top phones tune, which reached #1 on L.A.'s tastemaker station KROQ, and reaching gold record status in many territories would ensure a good spot with your label. But not so with OPM. They suffered from the dreaded foot dragging when it came time to release their second album on Atlantic Records. John e. elaborates: "They'd spent so much to promote the first album, that we thought everything was a go with the second record. But they kept sending us back into the studio…we wrote over 50 songs while waiting for the label to make a move. We finally got to the point where we realized that we needed more attention than they were giving us, so we started working on getting out of our deal." With the realization that they did not want to stay off the road any longer, they approached Suburban Noize Records president Kevin Zinger about a touring slot on a Kottonmouth Kings tour. After meeting with Zinger in April, the band signed on with the Suburban Noize Family. "OPM is a great addition to our roster. They have a strong existing fan base and they are ready to work. But first and foremost they write incredible songs."

Along with the single "HORNY" FOR THEM ASSES contains autobiographical tracks that introduce the listener to the extreme world the band lives in. So Cal. "Kali Kings" features Richter of the Kottonmouth Kings and speaks to the beauty of all things that Cali is known for: beaches, hanging out, girls, and of course sex, drugs, and rock and roll. "Hip Hop has long been plagued with showing how successful you are - bling bling - nonsense!," Johne explains. "That's not what I associated hip hop with, it's about reality. NWA wore dickies….and even I could afford dickies! It's good to be in Cali." The dub/reggae vibe of "Necropolis" pays homage to the dead, "Perfect Day" featuring "Eek-A-Mouse," is a sarcastic rant about dealing with a day where everything goes wrong; "Horny" is a sure-fire anthem in the making. It's signature female accented hook: "If you're horny and you know it clap your hands." Mixed by Paul Logus who mixed 50 Cents "Candy Shop" and Grammy award winning #1 single "Shake Ya Tail Feather" featuring Nelly, P Diddy, and Murphy Lee, as well as mixing songs and albums for Notorious BIG, Beyonce, David Bowie and Jimmy Paige. The video for "Horny" directed by Brian Hyden is a campy take on the song. "The song is obviously not serious" explains john e. "So we wanted to take the video to an extreme to let people now we aren't taking ourselves too serious with the song."

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