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Adina Howard

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From the depths of the R&B music revolution emerges an artist whose multi-dimensional lyrical decadence is nothing short of sensational. She is the innovative, yet sensual phenom whose passion and drive for success propelled her music into a new dimension of personal growth for music lovers to experience. Her name is Adina Howard.

She shocked the music industry in 1995 with her signature platinum single “Freak Like Me” off her Do You Wanna Ride gold debut album. Continuously re-inventing herself, Adina inspired other music personalities such as Lil’ Kim, Foxy Brown, and Eve with her touch and tease lyrics to take a stand and be comfortable in their sexuality while at the same time being in tune with what it means to be a woman in a male dominated world.

In the midst of it all the Grand Rapids, Michigan native found a greater appreciation for the vast learning experiences that has made her the wiser, multi-dimensional artist that she is today. Adina has conquered the highs and lows within the musicindustry having her work featured between albums on soundtracks such as A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (“Damned if I Do”), Sunset Park (“For the Funk”), and alongside Warren G with a re-make of a classic on the platinum soundtrack for Supercop (“What’s Love Got To Do With It”). Now the R&B vixen is back with her highly anticipated second album.

As with all of her work Adina’s latest work fuses a message of empowering the sensuality of women with R&B funk laden tracks, sure to make party-goers get up and dance. For Adina, the goals of this album were simple, “I wanted to show more personality on this album that empowers women.” “I want to show people my growth as an artist and that I haven’t gone anywhere,” adds Adina. While working on this album, Adina wanted to focus on empowering the average woman to be independent, intelligent and sexy without suffering the brunt of being undesirable which adds more substance to the songs. “Music that feeds the mind is sexier,” mentions the singer.

One thing is for sure, Adina’s music has a message, and she delivers it with a certain savior-faire that is necessary to make a positive impact on and making a difference in music. In short, she’s a trailblazer whose solid work ethic has been misinterpreted by many, which is where her strength as an artist comes from. Audiences are in for a treat with this album, which shows Adina as a more viable, compassionate, empowering force not to be tested on the charts. Expect the unexpected with this artist whose down to earth yet confident persona is definitive of the true Adina. Throw in class, upscale mentality and sex appeal and you’ve got Adina Howard.

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