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Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins

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MIKE KENEALLY was born on December 20, 1961 within the picturesque confines of Long Island. When he heard his first Beatles album at age four his musical career began. Noting his nascent musical abilities his parents presented him with a Magnus chord organ at age seven, and within four minutes he had learned "Paint it Black." 1970 brought a relocation to San Diego. Progressive rock rocked his world starting at age nine, with the rhythms of Gentle Giant. Soon thereafter, KENEALLY heard Frank Zappa for the first time and "It was the end of the world for me," he says. KENEALLY picked up the guitar at eleven---deferring lessons for pure experimentation---and hasn't put it down since.

Throughout the seventies, KENEALLY and his trusty brother/co-guitarist sequestered themselves with a reel-to-reel recorder, emerging into the San Diego club scene with the band Drop Control in the mid-eighties. Around this time XTC emerged as a huge influence. Having memorized Zappa's catalogue, and having the tenacity and desire to prove it, KENEALLY, phoned the Zappa hotline in late 1987 and left a message saying that he knew all of Frank's stuff and could play it on guitar and keyboards and sing it as well and if such a person might be required, he was fully available. Two days later, Frank called back to say, "I don't believe you. Get your ass up here and prove it." KENEALLY did, and has appeared on numerous albums with Frank (KENEALLY's lead vocal is heard on the infamous "Elvis Has Just Left The Building"), and also led the rock band for the tribute ensemble Zappa's Universe.

Since late 1990, KENEALLY has toured and recorded with Dweezil Zappa. KENEALLY's solo albums consist of that, and Boil That Dust Speck which has sold many thousands worldwide. A third album, "The Mistakes," was released early 1996. The Mistakes is a collaboration of Henry Kaiser, Prairie Prince and Andy West. On the Mistakes KENEALLY brings off a peculiarly seductive marriage of experimental and pop sensibilities.

KENEALLY left Dweezil's band to concentrate on his band "Beer For Dolphins." Soon after returning home from tour with "Beer For Dolphins" KENEALLY was approached by Steve Vai band as keyboardist, vocalist, and guitarist. And the rest is history

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