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Juda's Wake

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Juda's Wake is a modern Seattle-based metal power trio. They pull together a penetrating mix of intricate guitar, heavy rhythmic hooks, and edged vocal melodies resulting in a convincing, hard hitting, and articulate noise. Juda's Wake draws influence from such bands as Tool, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, Rush, Mudvayne, and Static-X, but has brewed a new take on the aggressive sound.

Formed in early 2003 from members with diverse music backgrounds speed/thrash metal, progressive rock/electronica, and fusion Juda's Wake has been writing and performing songs that embody each member's common passion METAL. Their sound is not based on a predetermined formula but built in the zone of intense groove with each musician blending and interacting in synchronism.

Juda's Wake is currently supporting their potent debut release, There Is Only Technology, with energetic, tight-as-hell live performances that seize audience attention in hard rock/metal venues throughout the West Coast. Check out a show to see and hear why metal fans are talking.

James has performed with local rock bands in the Seattle area for the last 10 years. He recorded 2 CDs with the band Treason, the last of which was mixed by legendary producer/engineer Ron St. Germain (Tool, Creed, 311) and played with artists Ann Wilson (Heart) and Alan White (Yes). James pulls influences from many hard rock and pop electronic artists, including Tool, Marilyn Manson, Rush, and Massive Attack. Not content always resting on the root note, James' bass and vocal styles are varied and thrown forth with intensity and aggression. James plays Kubicki Factor basses and his favorite drink is CC and Diet.

A top student at G.I.T. in Los Angeles (1997) with a great fondness for anything fast, Peter has performed and recorded with metal bands in the Seattle area Faustus, Throes of Sanity, and Circle of Force. Peter's heavy and intricate riffs are predominantly influenced by the guitars work of Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, and Tommy T. Baron, and the bands Coroner, Kreator, Death, Accept, and Watchtower. Peter plays Gibson guitars and his favorite drink is grape soda.

Will's drumming is primarily influenced by groove from wherever it can be found speed metal anchored with double bass to progressive underground industrial electronica and is underlined with inventiveness and power. Primus, Dream Theater, Lamb of God, U.N.K.L.E., and Rammstein have had much bearing on him. Will was the quintessential band geek in high school, which resulted in multiple regional & national jazz drumming awards. However, since then he has preferred to hit the drums much, much harder. Will plays Ayotte drums and his favorite drink is a hoppy microbre

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