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Gary Setzer & King Cadillac

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During the late 1970ís when Punk Rock was in itís hayday, Gary Setzer was barely a teenager. That mere fact didnít stop him from getting up on stage and mesmerizing audiences with his tremendous musical talents. In the dark smoky rooms of New York Cityís Greenwich Village, Gary and fellow musicians played to packed house almost every night of the week at such legendary places as Maxís Kansas City, and CBGBís. The band, then known as the Bloodless Pharoahs, was number one on the scene throughout latter part of the 1970ís and continued their popularity for several years, playing alongside other greats such as The Ramones, Blondie, and The New York Dolls.

When punk rock began to fade from the scene, the Bloodless Pharoahs disbanded, leaving Gary to pursue his true musical interest-Classic American Rock and Roll. From the beginning of the1980ís and throughout the decade, Gary performed his version of red-hot-Rockabilly, for his rapidly growing fan base in both of United States and in Europe. When the demands for the bandís music grew to tremendous proportions overseas, Gary and the band uprooted their organization and set up shop in Europe. From their they continued to perform live, touring throughout Europe and being welcomed with open arms wherever they went. During those days, Gary headlined shows at some of the most popular venues and also shared the stage with fellow musical greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Dave Edmunds, The B52ís ad countless others.

When the 1990ís came around, with a successful ten year history under his belt, and the fact he was still only in his mid-Twenties in age, Gary was in a solid position to pick and choose which road he wanted to travel next. As expected, that door opened to his next great project, The Rebel Rockers. Relocating back on his home in Long Island, Garyís band grew to be known as ďOne of the best little Rockabilly outfits of all timeĒ. Even though Gary choose to concentrate on his true passion of creating great music and to keep himself out of the spotlight as much as possible during the early 90ís, his worldwide popularity never faded.

After several years, and several great personal and professional accomplishments, Gary was now ready to go back in the studio and Wow the music world once again. This time he choose to delve even deeper into his musical roots and put together the phenomenal group of players that is known today as King Cadillac is a full Swing band in every sense of the world. The music they write, arrange and perform to mesmerize audiences throughout the United States is enough to make even the 1930ís purists proud. Influenced by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, Gary takes the bull by the horns and doesnít get trampled for a second. In the years to come when fans and critics alike look back on the ďNew Swing EraĒ, Gary Setzer and King Cadillac will be the name that keeps coming to mind.

Not only King Cadillacís recorded music extraordinary, but their live performances are truly a one of a kind event. From the exceptional horn playing, to the intricate guitar and base lines, to the truly dynamic stand-up drumming and vocals of Gary himself, live shows donít merely please the large crowds, they blow them away. With a long successful history of performing, Gary truly knows how to work an audience and even the most reserved members act uninhibited.

Though Gary has had much professional success over the years of all of his projects, King Cadillac is bound to be the best project ever. Every great artist strives to reach that certain level where talent and creativity give way to greatness, and they are free to create the ultimate artistical masterpiece, King Cadillac is that masterpiece of Gary Setzer.

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