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Donna Colton

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Syracuse Area Music Award (SAMMY) nominee for Best Acoustic Act; and most recently her CD, Donna Colton Christmas, was nominated in the top 6 out of 100 entries in the Best Acoustic category. Colton has released two independent CD's of original work, Black and Blue Elaine and Fatal Love, that also included a couple of stylized cover tunes and made the Top Ten Local Artist CD's in both the Syracuse Post Standard newspapers and the Syracuse New Times alternative weekly.

She has played a solo showcase of her original music at The Bitter End and The Spiral Club in NYC; appeared on national TV in the Charlie Daniel's Talent RoundUp broadcast on TNN and performed live on various local TV and radio shows. Pursuing her career in music had also taken her to places such as the Snowbird Lodge in Utah and the Iron Horse in Kansas where she was said to be the only woman in Iron Horse history to wear high heels on their stage.

The duo or trio plays about 150 club and concert dates a year generally in the central New York area and Colton has made a name for herself as the 'gigging - est chick in the area'. Recently Donna and Sam were invited to play a house concert that was also a live webcast for ArtMusic Coffeeehouse and

Two major productions that Donna has performed in are The Winter Solstice Celebration at the Cathedral, a Christmas program that blends celtic and modern music. This has had her singing songs like Against The Wind, Christmas Day Is Come by Moire Brennan (Enya's sister) and Shower The People by James Taylor. An annual event in Syracuse since 1999, Colton has been a guest vocalist for the past four years of the show.

High Hopes Concert at Syracuse Stage and High Hopes at the Jazz Fest were two special concerts celebrating the music of Jimmie Van Huesen. In these shows, Donna got to showcase her ability to switch gears and sing Sinatra style music or "crooner tunes" as she likes to call them. Both gave her the opportunity to work with Music Director Mark Doyle who is a noted producer, composer and musician and gave her a spot on two locally produced CD's of these music presentations.

Donna Colton +1 also performed for the New York State Budweiser Blues Fest for the past 3 years to help promote Women 'N Blues and contributed a tune to the compilation CD of the same name.

Donna Colton has been recognized as a distinguished songwriter in a couple of different ways. First, after submitting an original song , It Takes Time, that she helped co-write to Garrison Keillor's Town's Under Two Thousand contest, she got a call from one of the shows' producers, Stevie Beck.

She said, "You haven't made the cut, yet, but we liked your song so much that we'd like your permission to post it on our Prairie Home Companion website. Is that okay with you?". Yeah, it was okay!! "By the way, if I had a voice like yours, I'd be rich!". Second, Fatal Love, the title track and one of her original compositions made Mark Bialczak's, Music Writer for the Syracuse Newspapers, 100 Favorite Songs list.

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