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Dennis Yost & The Classics IV

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During a five-year period beginning in 1966, Dennis Yost, the voice of THE CLASSICS IV, had 13 consecutive chart singles to his credit. His gold records include "Spooky," "Stormy," "Traces," and "Everyday With You Girl." The remaining were regional hits such as "Rosanna," "What Am I Crying For," "The Funniest Thing," and "Pollyanna." In 1993, Dennis Yost & The Classics IV were honored for their musical achievements by the state of Georgia and were inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

He began his musical career in Jacksonville, Florida playing drums with high school friends, calling themselves "The Echoes." In the early 1960s, he joined a group that would become known as "The Classics." Members included the founder, Wally Eaton, plus James Cobb and Joe Wilson. The group achieved certain notoriety with a small hit titled "Pollyanna" written by Joe South, not to mention Dennis was one of few drummers standing up and drumming while also singing lead. When the band learned of another group from New York City that had a small amount of success with a song titled "Till Then," using the same name, they quickly changed their name to "The Four Classics," and eventually "The Classics IV."

Signed with The Lowery Music Group out of Atlanta, Georgia and Capitol records, The Classics IV re-recorded "Spooky." The song was originally an instrumental regional hit by Mike Sharpe, a talented saxophone player. J.R. Cobb and producer Buddy Buie added lyrics to it and the rest is history. "Stormy" followed shortly before "Traces of Love" hit #2 on the Billboard charts, earning the group a permanent stay on oldies and soft rock stations to this day.

Dennis has never stopped singing and touring. After moving to Nashville in 1993, he added writing and record production to his list of accomplishments. He currently has twenty-seven published works to his credit and produced Barbara Lewis ("Hello Stranger," "Baby, I'm Yours," and "Make Me Your Baby") on a song called "Donor" to help the cause of organ donation awareness.

Over the years, Dennis has performed with other artists (and friends) such as Gary Lewis and The Playboys, Chuck Berry, The Drifters, The Coasters, The Turtles, Paul Revere and The Raiders and Eric Clapton.

Just recently, Dennis acquired exclusive rights to the trademark "THE CLASSICS IV" for both performing and recording. He also underwent "miracle" throat surgery and can once again sing his songs in their original keys!

Now, more than ever, Dennis' songs and unique style still sound as smooth and classy as they did thirty years ago. When you hear him sing, you will know why he has been dubbed "THE CLASSIC ONE."

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