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Father Domenico : "If you would be kind... Would you tell us, where did we fail?" The Goat laughed, spoke three words, and vanished. "God is Dead." - James Blish, Black Easter

Not many musical formations could live up to such a name. Not many bands go deeper than a desire for fame, fortune, and pleasure. For Glen Benton and his inner circle, however, there is much more at stake. DEICIDE have gone far beyond the world of their peers, declaring an unholy war on God. In Benton`s words, "We`re the sword of Lucifer". Dedicated to the literal extermination of an entire religion and its minions, the music DEICIDE play is the lethal weapon in their arsenal, a Satanic warhead capable of utterly obliterating its hallowed target. While detractors claim much of Benton`s behavior (exemplified by the upside down cross seared into his forehead) is for show, a closer look at DEICIDE`s history proves they are not taken lightly, either by their followers or by their sworn enemies.

1987-89: Spawned from the fetid swamps of Florida, DEICIDE rise from the ashes of Amon, who recorded two demos before signing with Roadrunner Records in 1990. Although these early efforts pale in comparison to the eponymous debut album which follows, they display an inhuman ferocity and demonstrate DEICIDE`s will to explore the abyss without fear or remorse.

1990: The self titled first album leaves an indelible black mark on the death metal genre, with singer/bassist Benton`s animalistic growls some of the most extreme vocals ever bled onto tape. Backed up by a lacerating wall of guitars and bludgeoning drums, DEICIDE create the sonic accompaniment to ritualistic self-mutilation. The band decide not to tour, causing tension to build as a growing horde of fanatical fans await them.

1992: The beast is unleashed, and begins to walk upon the earth. Its vessel is Legion, an eruption of impious hatred which shows no mercy from beginning to end. Christian radio evangelist calls the album "the most blasphemous release ever produced" - a testament to DEICIDE`s undeniable power. With the appearance of Legion, DEICIDE tour for the first time. They are soon met with threats of violence in response to some of Benton`s more unrepentant utterings on the subject of animal sacrifice. A radical anti-vivisectionist group called Animal Militia promise Benton`s death if he sets foot in England. Undeterred, DEICIDE play with increased security and emerge unscathed. It seems the notorious "black cloud" following them is their protector as well as their curse. In Stockholm, Sweden, a bomb explodes, tearing the wall and roof out of the Fryshuset Club, where DEICIDE are scheduled to perform. Whether intended for the band, or a possible retaliation by the Black Metal Mafia against the opening act, Gorefest, the incident remains a mystery. Regardless, Benton vows he will not be stopped, nor is he intimidated, stating, "If you`re afraid of the violence, you shouldn`t be in this form of music."

1993: Aroused by a night of listening to DEICIDE, two New Jersey teenagers sacrifice a dog and leave its mutilated corpse hanging from a tree above a pentagram. They describe the killing as an "out of body" experience. Questioned by the local newspaper whether he condones such activities, Benton refuses to be blamed for it but says of himself, "I enjoy killing."

1995: DEICIDE step forth from the shadows to unveil their most brutal profanity yet, Once Upon the Cross. Benton`s conception for the cover artwork is executed by UK art extremist Trevor Brown, producing an audio/visual union of such intensity that no one, religious or not, will be able to experience it with indifference. Glen says of Trevor`s cover, "It`s exactly what I envisioned...there aren`t many people who can paint Christ and make it disturbing to the soul, and he did." The image is the perfect accompaniment to DEICIDE`s cruel, mocking onslaught; together they form the ultimate sacrilege. Musically, Once Upon the Cross harkens back to the rawness of the band`s first album, tempering their speed with a foundation of renewed gripping heaviness. As for the lyrics, "The storylines are right out of my head, clear and simple - I`m just in my own little world here, hating God," explains Glen. With songs such as "Kill the Christian", "Christ Denied", and "When Satan Rules His World", there can be no doubt where Benton`s mind is at.

Almost 2,000 years ago on the hill of Golgotha, a group of armored Roman soldiers nailed an insane prophet to a cross and laughed at his pain. Today, DEICIDE have ripped him down and performed the final autopsy on his rotting corpse with surgical precision. And Jesus wept, for the war was lost.

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