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Daryl Stuermer

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When Daryl is not touring with Genesis or Phil Collins, he plays music with his hometown band known as the Daryl Stuermer Band. His group is comprised of 5 members:

Daryl Stuermer vocals, lead guitars. Daryl plays guitar with all the fury of an volcano erupting. Music pours out of his guitar, and you feel as though you are being blasted out of the volcano!

Duane Stuermer (Daryls brother) bass guitar. Duane plays a handmade violin type bass guitar with a fretboard that is half fret/fretless. Duanes style is unique and the sound from his bass is equally mesmerizing

Mike Murphy (Daryls long time friend) drums. Mike keeps the rhythm flowing on his drumkit. Playing furiously while keeping the music on time. Mike interjects his comic persona, before , during and after the show.

Konsantin (Kostia) Efimov, (premier pianist from St. Petersburg, Russia and personal friend of Daryl) keyboards. A man that plays piano with the passion of the great composers, while dazzling you during his keyboard solos.

John Seydewitz (newest member from the Milwaukee jazz band know as Millenium) percussionist. John is a great compliment to the band. He adds his unique playing abilities to the music and he is very entertaining to watch.

Their music is a blend of jazz, fusion and rock & roll. Although Daryl has played for Phil Collins and Genesis for many years, he is a writer and performer in his own right. The Daryl Stuermer Band is enthusiastic and plays their music flawlessly, like a well oiled machine. A must see...

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