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Roots Rock Society

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International recording artists and award winning ensemble, Roots Rock Society formed in 1986 by Stann Champion on guitar and vocals, and his brother Sinko on bass. Stann recruited percussionist Shango Rios and his brother Mandingo on drums and congas. Keyboardist Patrick Predegast was added to fill out the lot. From the beginning, Stann's goal was to maintain his Afrikan-Caribbean-American heritage and culture alive through voice, music and dance. In other words, to heal and reach with sound and movement.

RRS released their first recording in 1987, on cassette to a favorable response and sold quickly. With that in mind, Stann produced and released Bass Mint Sessions in 1993 when up to 40 radio stations nationwide responded giving it suitable airplay. RRS had a reputation as a great live band in the region, but when Champion met Christopher Columbus of Arrow's band when RRS opened up for them at Chicago's Riviera Theater in '94, Chris suggested that Stann go for the world market as opposed to a narrow USA market. At that point Stann was off and running. With a degree in advertising and graphics and some marketing skills learned from field, he figured "I can do this!" and released Again in 1996 with the help of engineer and co-producer David Axelbaum that the world was introduced to the music of Roots Rock Society. Playlists as well as letters were coming in from the US and far away places as France, Africa, New Guinea, Germany, Poland, Spain and Ireland. Soon after, offers to appear live on radio and television and in order for Stann to control his product, he formed RRS International Records to distribute the ensembles releases.

When the awards started coming in and exposer on national television, critics named RRS on of the nations best. appearing in a variety of settings, especially due to the bands one of a kind original material. RRS can be seen performing at a college, churches, elementary schools, festivals, fund raisers or weddings. Children experience the thrill of the stage when invited to join the band onstage and seniors find that the have not, "moved such a way as that in years". That gives one an idea of the band's depth and wide audience, an incredible experience one would have to see to believe. RRS is definitely a one of a kind, in other words a true art form.

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