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The Abyssinians

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Their classic composition "Satta Massa Gana" became a hymn for Rastafarian religious gatherings called "grounations." Most of their material is based on ancient Ethiopian teachings and the Amharic language. A deeply spiritual harmony trio dispersing the Rasta gospel.

In 1969 Donald Manning and Bernard Collins drafted the blueprint of a song that would launch them into the canon of reggae greats. With the addition of Linford Manning the trio was complete, and founding member Donald Manning baptized them The Abyssinians. The song they had been nurturing was recorded and went on to become reggae’s most popular song of all time, Satta Massagana. It quickly gained momentum as an anthem traveling from the radio airwaves to the churches of Jamaica. A string of hits followed including Yimmasgan and Declaration of Rights. They went on to produce and record three albums for various labels: Satta Massagana, Forward and Arise. In 1996, their album, 19.95+Tax was released on Satta Massagana Records.

The Abyssinians have set the standard for vocal harmonies and roots consciousness in reggae music, their strong, prayerful voices touch peoples hearts, heads and souls. There is no rigid hierarchy or lead vocalist spot, each member has his talents and they frequently share songwriting tasks. The rootical music, often performed with some of the reggae world's best backup musicians, have caused crowds to sing and dance while praying along with their spiritual message.

They have toured Europe and Japan to huge crowds, appreciative of the chance to see these statesmen of reggae. The opening of their first-ever world tour took place at Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton, England on February 17th, 1989. Their appearances in the United States and in Jamaica at Sunsplash and at the Rockers Anniversary Concert have been excitedly attended by fans.

Experience their rootical harmonies which will, once again, fill the clubs and venues with joyous fans, eager to witness the roots of reggae.

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