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Hammer / MC Hammer

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Known as an all-round entertainer, M.C. Hammer was never satisfied unless he had the best dancers with him on stage. These magnificent dancers, often referred to as the "posse" could be seen sporting Hammer's trademark baggy style pants while displaying some the most elaborate dance routines imaginable. Each time Hammer came on stage, he gave the audience a performance fit for a king!

Many mega-stars get caught up in performing and perfecting their craft while someone else is minding the business. Well, almost. In Hammer's case he admits he allowed other professionals to run his company while he was on the road doing 8 or 9 shows a week. He also admits a lavish life style contributed to him filing bankruptcy last year. M.C.Hammer, whose real name is Stanley Burrell, doesn't hide behind any false excuses nor does he hang his head in shame. That's all behind him now. His accomplishments in the music industry as rapper and entertainer are tremendous. He is focused on God, his family and his new ventures. He's on a mission to revive the positive aspects of rap and clean it up a bit. He is wiser, stronger and better than ever. Watch out world....

The Hammer Is Back!

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