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Télépopmusik is born at the same time as a certain French electronic scene that is present on the SourceLab compilations (Source records) .

A longstanding friendship and a shared passion for the fundamentals of electronic music (from Kraftwerk to Buggles and the first electro salvos into hip hop such as Grand Master Flash and Sugar Hill Gang) has lead Stephan Haeri, Christophe Hétier and Fabrice Dumont to compose their first record Sonic 75.

This was immediately accepted on SourceLab vol.3, and, stimulated by the enthusiastic reception, the trio got down to some new records.

Experience in various formations (for example Fabrice is the founder member of the group Autour De Lucie) quite simply allowed them to avoid the easy pitfall of samples and to use their skills as instrumentalists (drums, guitar, double bass, keyboard) for the record and each one was naturally able to find his position in the group;

Fabrice, who has already collaborated with Philippe Katherine, Anna Karina and Françoiz Breut, creates the arrangements and the sound architecture, Stephan, who is trained as a sound engineer and in electro-acoustics, is responsible for building this unique sound that is both gentle and dense, and Christophe, night-selector and DJ under the name of Antipop, has the task of creating the groove out of scratches, noises, vocals taken from television programmes, and finding the voices that are featured throughout this album.

With, in order of appearance, Angela Mc Cluskey, a Scottish emigrant who lives in NYC already found on the soundtracks of Flirtin with disaster and Unhook the stars (by Nick Casavettes). ,Soda-Pop alias Mau, former singer with Earthling who now holds sway with the Dirty Beatniks on Wall Of Sound, Juice Aleem, who with Gamma, New Flesh For Old on Ninja Tunes, participates in the birth of British hip hop on the world scene, and for the time of a brief meeting in a bar, Chilly Gonzales and Peaches, the undeniable stars of the Berlin underground.

This diversity of voices does not prevent Genetic world from displaying a unique cohesion as well as a stunning live performance. Already the band has played in USA, Canada, France, Spain and will continue with more European dates for 2002 in Germany, Holland, Belgium , Scandinavia, ... The album is a production of exceptional finesse where all of the styles touched on (nu-jazz, hip hop, electropop and even torch song) melt into a moody and velvety mould.

The avant-garde video for Breathe - the album opening track - was directed by Jordan Scott, daughter of movie director Ridley Scott. Shot in L.A. in summer 2001, this stylish video has already gained heavy rotation on MTV France and the rest of Europe. ‘'Breathe'’ is also hitting the dancefloors across Europe with various club remixes by the cream of the European electronic scene: Markus Nikolai from Germany who had an underground hit Bushes, Jori Hulkkonen from Finland and the French collective Scratch Massive.

As Christophe himself confess, they took their name from a secondhand music instruments shop called Telepopmusic, then Chris changed the c for a k as an homage to Kraftwerk, the band who has influenced the most on them.

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