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Rhythm, a Dallas-based pop/funk band, has become known for creating music marked by a collage of creative and unique musical components. The band’s blend of styles, paired with a vibrant and energetic presence on and off stage, always leaves the listener wanting to hear more. Rhythm’s reputation is marked by their integrity, positive attitude, and tight musicianship--making them a highly sought-after band. Their unique sound includes horns that echo Chicago, guitars that embrace Jimmy Eat World, and vocals that reflect Seal. Their show jolts the listener into an electrifying experience throughout the invigorating, non-stop, action-filled performance, as often demonstrated by The Black-Eyed Peas. Having started out over a decade ago, Rhythm has evolved into an international-touring, award-winning band. In the beginning, their initial expectation was to be signed within five years, but that wasn’t the case. Amidst stolen vehicles, record labels collapsing, and personnel changes (as well as personal changes), their hope for success was minimizing. However, through perseverance, hard work, and an attitude of contentment, they were able to ride the wind and weather the storm. And now ten years later, Rhythm finally unveils their highly- anticipated national debut album, The Forward Concept, (Executive Music Group/Lightyear Entertainment). The Forward Concept chronicles a journey from discouragement to redemption. According to front man Reggie Scott, “The key is having a positive attitude of perseverance, meaning that we continue on even when we don’t feel like it.” He continues, "Often, when we’re surrounded by the problems of the day, it is difficult to remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.” And that light at the end of the tunnel is reflected on the many songs on The Forward Concept. “On the Verge,” the thematic core of the album, deals with teetering on the edge of a new day, eager to shirk the struggles of the past and embrace the fulfillment of the future. With a throbbing beat that dares listeners to refrain from swaying, “Surrounded” is a plea for friends to pull us up when we're about to fall into something we would regret. The radio-friendly “Moment in Your Life” mourns a moment of missed opportunity, while relishing the thought of a second chance. "Beautiful World," an upbeat ballad with smooth horns, is Rhythm's first "real love song," and celebrates life with the one you love. It’s evident that each song on Rhythm’s The Forward Concept is written from personal experience and testifies to the personal dedication and perseverance of each member. “These songs definitely reveal how we all felt as though we were on the brink of a change,” says Scott. Rhythm is comprised of lead singer/keyboardist Reggie Scott, bass guitarist Drew (Droo) D'Anna, and lead guitarist Eric Bowman, as well as Tim (Tymm?) Scott on trombone and Tim (Mace) Macon on the drums.

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