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Faith Popcorn

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Companies who consult Faith Popcorn for the topography of the new millennium find guidance and relief through her sure-fire strategies for success. Ms. Popcorn removes the millennium mystery from business, making companies who apply her Trend-based techniques leaders, not followers, of the future.

Best-selling author of The Popcorn Report and Clicking, Faith Popcorn is a trusted advisor to the Fortune 500 and millions of readers around the world. From corporate CEOs to start-up entrepreneurs, she provides the inspiration and foresight needed to become one of the leaders of the future, instead of its follower. As founder of BrainReserve, the future-focused marketing consultancy, Faith Popcorn helps companies look at the present from the other end of the telescope to make critical business decisions today.

In her seminars, this provocative and inspiring speaker captures the essence of her bestsellers. With her trademark witty authority she shines a high-beam into the future to illuminate the social and marketing landscape. Ms. Popcorn defines and illustrates the Trends that are shaping our society with compelling business and cultural examples, and candidly points out who's on-Trend and who is not. Participants consistently report coming away with true insight into the future and a fresh perspective on how to "Click" in their careers, their businesses, their companies, and their lives.

Her lecture topics include: "Consumer Trends for the New Millennium;" "EVEolution: Marketing to Women" and "Global Trends to Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your Business" . Ms. Popcorn helps companies look at the present from the other end of the telescope to make critical business decisions today.

In her speeches, Ms. Popcorn shares the advice she gives her exclusive Fortune 500 clientele. She provides her audiences with an inspirational and challenging framework for the future, taking us step-by-step through her survival guide for business. Through compelling business and cultural examples, Faith Popcorn helps her audiences see certain demographic trends and emerging consumer markets. Ms. Popcorn is able to tailor her insights into industry-specific applications of her Trends, making her a relevant and indispensable resource for CEOs from finance to fashion.

Ms. Popcorn travels from New York City.

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