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DJ Snoyl

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One of Boston's best kept secrets, DJ Snoyl, a.k.a "The Remix All-Star", has been impressing hip-hop fans nationally and internationally for the past seven years.

In 1996 Snoyl began his career spinning hip-hop and knew that entertaining the masses was his calling. Snoyl's extensive experience in the music industry is evident to any ear that hears his unique mixing flavor. . He began in '96 as a radio mix-show DJ at WBIM 91.5 FM. In 1997, Snoyl became the Urban Music Director at WBIM. He was also working for a mobile DJ company on the weekends. Working at colleges and high school dances gave Snoyl even more experience with mixing.

Tearin' up the land of mix-tapes/CDs

It was big from the start. Despite limited resources, Snoyl's first mix-tape release made it big, real big. The tape, titled "Freestyles 2000", featured all original freestyle raps from both local hip-hop artists and internationally known artists including Eminem and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. The fact that this local unknown DJ was releasing his first major mixtape with over 50 known hip-hop artists doing exclusives gave Snoyl more than a foot in the door. "I recorded that tape in my parents basement with two tape decks and a Discman when I was home on college vacation. These were freestyles that artists had mailed to me and even left on my voicemail! I never imagined that it would be as big as it was!" said Snoyl.

More recently, Snoyl has been on the grind with some major mix-CD releases. Last summer he released a double Jay-Z and 50 Cent Blend CD during the Roc The Mic tour. This CD set features over 50 acapella tracks from the duo, blended over beats from Eminem, Dre, and others.

If you're a Biggie fans, you already have a copy of Snoyl's recently released "The Christopher Wallace Project" This Notorious B.I.G. tribute CD hosts 43 tracks mixed by Snoyl. In addition to the "Snoyl Blends" of classic and rare Biggie material, freestyles, rare interviews and Biggie demo tracks, Snoyl surprises listeners with never-before-released remixes, "I have been researching this project for about a year and I made sure that at least 75% of the tracks (these versions) on my CD have never been released before by any DJ on any mixtape." Says Snoyl.

Snoyl fans have also been waiting in anticipation for his new CD set titled "DJ Snoyl - New Artist Series" The first artist featured is Pop / R&B singer, BL. He competed in the USA World Showcase in Las Vegas last summer, placing first in the male vocal category out of approximately 42,000 applicants worldwide. The BL mix-CD features exclusive "Snoyl remixes" with Kanye West, Method Man, and others.

"A fine purveyor in the art of moving butts" -SpineMagazine, London

Whether Snoyl is spinning hip-hop at a club, or cutting up vinyl at a concert, he is known for one thing…moving the crowd. Snoyl has performed on stage with major acts like Busta Rhymes and smaller acts like Boston locals "The Kreators". No matter what the venue, the crowd is always moving while Snoyl is on the tables - he has DJ-ed sold out venues of 2000+ along with many smaller venues in Boston and around the country. "I love looking out at the crowd and seeing that one person standing still in the middle of the crowd looking at me with a confused look on their face like 'How did he get this remix'" laughs Snoyl

Snoyl's style is rare, if not one of-a-kind to the hip-hop scene. He is one of the only DJ's that mixes instrumentals and acapellas live. He creates live new blends as he DJ's! Those in attendance at Snoyl's shows are always in awe of his hypnotic mixing style that is guaranteed to be a hit with any hip-hop crowd. To book Snoyl worldwide, contact his agent, Jaime Andrews at

Get your hands on Snoyl Snoyl CDs should be a mandatory part of any hip-hop fans CD collection. Every CD that he has released is mixed non-stop with no talking. He keeps the "mix" in mixtape. "A lot of DJ's today don't mix. They put together a compilation of random new songs and talk over it. No mixing, no blending, no scratching, no creativity. "Mix" tapes are an art form that have been unfortunately forgotten" Snoyl says.

Snoyl takes pride in his patience to spend a month or more putting together a concept CD that is well thought out and meaningful. By the time Snoyl's new projects hit the shelves, they are packed with blends and remixes that many times, no other DJ has. A local music chain that carries Snoyl's CD's in all 24 of their locations sold out of Snoyl's Jay-Z & 50 Cent double Blend CD production in less than a week! To date, Snoyl has ten different mix-CD's that are selling consistently around the globe and online. His website ( alone generates over 2500 hits per day from visitors in over 50 countries.

Get your hands on some of Snoyl's work by visiting Snoyl is available worldwide for clubs, concerts, and major college events.

In addition to his work as a hip-hop remix DJ, Snoyl owns a consulting business that caters to small businesses and individuals who need design and marketing services. Design Services specializes in the music and entertainment industry.

-Jaime Andrews

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