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DJ Hustle Simmons / Corey Holmes

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Rising like a phoenix from the Dirty, Dirty, Hustle Simmons aka Corey Hill is finally back home in the Bean. After a long stint as one of the cornerstones of the Southís Hip Hop scene, Hustle Simmons has landed at WJMN. The 2001 Dirty South DJ of the Year (Mix Show Power Summit), Hustle is ready to spread a little of that aural pleasure to the Jammin faithful.

ďI was blessed to be a part of the rise of Hip Hop music in the South. To help launch the careers of acts like Ludacris, Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz, Petey Pablo and Pastor Troy, and see the South rise to Hip Hop prominence was dope, but now Iím home and back to make sure that Boston gets the respect it deserves. We fixing to Blow, ya heard!Ē

No one trick pony, Hustle was a standout baseball player at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C. He began his radio career as an intern at WPAL in 1995. He soon graduated from both interning and college (B.S. in Communications) and became the afternoon drive DJ at WPAL, a position that he held for 4 years.

In 1999, WPAL changed formats, and in the process unleashed Hustle to a wider market. He could soon be heard on WIIZ in Augusta, Georgia, seemingly 24 hours a day. He co-hosted the morning drive, was Mix Show Director, worked all of the stations mix shows, hosted "Street Beatz" Monday-Friday at 10:00 PM and also had a Saturday Night Show from 8:00 PM to Midnight. Always one to appease his growing legion of loyal listeners, Hustle jumped back into the Charleston scene in December, 2000 with his Sunday Night Mix show on WWBZ, which aired from 9:00PM-11:00PM. The demand for Hustle was so great that an additional show from 11:00 PM-Midnight was quickly added. Ten months later Hustle hustled his way into the afternoon drive position at WWBZ along with the position as Program Director.

Life isn't all about Hip-Hop for Hustle; he still finds time in his hectic schedule to give back to the community that has treated him so well. He devotes a significant portion of his free time to helping youngsters strive to achieve their goals and make their dreams become reality.

ďNot everyone grows up with a positive influence in his or her life. If I can help steer one shorty along the straight and narrow, then Iíve done my job.Ē

Spring 2003 begins a new chapter in the fabled career of Hustle Simmons as his tenure at New Englandís #1 Hip Hop station commences. Now that Hustle has returned, New England is officially on notice that things will never be the same. Be sure to log onto for more information on this proud member of the Jamín 94.5 family.

Hustle Simmons "It's not just a name, It's a way of life"

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