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Justin Tubb

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Many people don't realize that Justin Tubb, first-born son of the legendary Ernest Tubb, has himself been a member of the Grand Ole Opry for over 35 years. He joined the show in 1955 at the age of 20, which makes him the youngest male regular member ever. Justin was also the first (and until 1984, the only) second generation artist to join the long running show.

Besides his talent as a singer-entertainer, Justin is an accomplished songwriter, having won six BMI awards. His best known works include "Lonesome 7-7203 times" in 1963 for Hawkshaw Hawkins; in 1973 for Tony Booth; and in 1983 for newcomer Darrell Clanton. Other successful songs are, "Love Is No Excuse," "Keeping Up With The Joneses," "As Long As There's A Sunday," "Take A Letter, Miss Gray," and his ode to traditional country music, "What's Wrong With The Way That We're Doin' It Now?" After close to 10 years, it's still his most requested song.

Though his writing has been mainly for his own recordings in the past years, Just is cranking it up again, as well as reactivating the two publishing companies he worked on with this father. His album, in tribute to his dad, also keyed the birth of a new publishing venture, Troubadour Two Music.

Of his MCA/DOT album, Just says, "I'm prouder of this album than anything I've ever done in over 35 years in country music." The highlights of the album, in memory and tribute to his father; "Sing Blue Eyed Elaine Again," "Just You And Me, Daddy" and "Thanks, Troubadour, Thanks."

Just continues to carry on with the Midnight Jamboree, Live! from the Ernest Tubb Record Shop, following the Opry every Saturday night. Another great interest for Justin is "F.O.R. E.T." This is a memorial fund, set up with the American Lung Association of Tennessee, to fight emphysema, in his father's name. "F.O.R. E.T." (For Ongoing Research and Emphysema Treatment) has so far collected over $35,000, due mainly to Radiothons.

Any spare time Justin has is spent going to ballgames (baseball mainly), and playing with his VCR. Just has built quite a library of movies and country music shows.

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