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Debbie Reynolds

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With her inimitable style and humor, she recounts the highlights of her career, from the silver screen to the TV screen, from Broadway nights to nightclub lights. In show business since the age of 16, Reynolds is an Academy award nominee and the recipient of two gold records. She was the star of such films as How The West Was Won, The Unsinkable Molly Brown and the classic Singin' In The Rain. She is also a fitness enthusiast, as evidenced by her popular workout video.

Debbie Reynolds (1932--) Her real name was Mary Frances Reynolds. She was born on April 1, 1932 in El Paso, Texas. Everyone called her "the kid." The kid sister. The kid with personality. The kid with guts. She came from an impoverished Texas and California background and wanted to be a gym teacher. She was a Girl Scout who entered a beauty contest because she wanted a free scarf and blouse. And then, at sixteen, Mary Frances Reynolds won a Miss Burbank contest title and a Warner Brothers screen test. That kid became Debbie Reynolds. Debbie Reynolds was destined to become the super star she is known as today in all fields of the entertainment world. She has been described as "energetic, exuberant, jack-in-the-box, tiny, cute looking, brown haired American dancer and singer."

With explosive talent and personality to match, Debbie Reynolds burst upon the MGM movie musical scene in the 1950 biggie, Three Little Words which starred Fred Astaire and Red Skelton. Debbie played the part of Helen Kane, the "boop-a-doop" rave of the 20's. The same year Debbie was spotlighted with Carlton Carpenter in the show-stopping number "Aba Daba Honeymoon" in the film Two Weeks With Love which starred Jane Powell and Ricardo Montalban. Debbie and Carlton's number went on to become a big record hit.

It was 1952 when Debbie blossomed into stardom opposite Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor in the film that became one of Hollywood's all time great classics, Singin' In the Rain. In 1957 Debbie once again soared up the hit record charts to #1 with her recording of "Tammy" from the film of the same name. In 1964 Debbie was nominated for an Academy Award for her brilliant performance as the lead in the hit musical Unsinkable Molly Brown. In 1973, Debbie took the Broadway musical stage by storm with her critically acclaimed performance in the revival of Irene. Debbie Reynolds appeared in such classic movies as How the West Was Won, Tammy and the Bachelor, Mary, Mary, etc.

The unsinkable Debbie Reynolds continues today in SRO nightclub and concert performances as well as starring in guest appearances on television.

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