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Tom McTigue

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Tom McTigue has the ability to find humor in some very surprising and odd places; the roof of your mouth, along the banks of the Nile, the birdfeeder in the back year, and even the Pope's bathtub. His gift of marrying the obvious with the obscure, his literate style, and his charismatic personality make him an original comic act with broad appeal. A Seattle native who now lives in Los Angeles, Tom began developing his style of observational humor while he was working as an actor in his home state ten years ago. He honed his stand-up skills at local comedy clubs before taking it on the road. "I just started taking real-life experiences, blowing them out of proportion and running with them in front of audiences, says McTigue. Like this early childhood remembrance…"My mom used to make a lot of clothes for me, but she was into ceramics…kids used to push me down and break my pants." Sometimes Tom even makes sense…"I hope mankind is done evolving. I'd hate to think that evolution is still going on, and that years down the line would be born without brains because we had them and refused to use them."

A former series regular on television's Baywatch, Tom has also appeared numerous times on Roseanne as Jackie's insecure Ob-gyn, guest starred on Beverly Hills 90210 and Quantum Leap; and been featured in over 100 national television commercials -- so if his face looks familiar, that's because it is.

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