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Ms. Puddin' / Ms. Puddin

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Everybody knows someone like her. The senior church lady who has a unique perspective on life and a tongue of fire and wit that whips out truth in its simplest, yet most hilarious from. She speaks slowly, yet with purpose, drawing you in to punch lines you never saw coming. Even her expressions and pregnant pauses will cause you to be reminded of the Golden comedy Era of Moms Mabley, except Ms. Puddin’s skits are completely clean. Although, Ms. Puddin’s delivery style uses innuendo that will move the adult to comic tears.

The character, developed and played by a a young Gale Mayes West, is comprised of her life observances growing up and attending church on a small, rural plantation in Tribbett, Mississippi. She is an astute observer and imitator of small town living, with a big city imagination. An accomplished Gospel singer/songwriter, West uses solid, old-time religion-like songs in her routine. Sometimes even making them up on the spot. The comedienne knows how to interpret the thoughts of a feisty, elderly widowed woman into a “crack-your-sides” monologue, complete with the rhythm, words and wisdom of the aged.

Do NOT miss an opportunity to laugh with, and at the views of this simple, yet wise and incredibly funny character, Ms. Puddin’. Her slant on life will make you look at yours a little differently. And we can all use that!

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