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Michael Ray

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Michael Ray began in the performing arts at the age of nine as he entered the world of magical entertainment.

Later, in college he was motivated to enter the unusual world of hypnotism. He studied the theories and applications of psychology. Through his studies, he discovered that many elements of psychology are essential in the art of hypnosis, including the theories of Freud, Skinner and Maslow. He focused his studies on the history and art of hypnosis. Michael then combined his unique sense of humor with his knowledge of hypnosis and the rest is history!

Combining these theories and applications with his natural ability to entertain, he has been very successful in bringing his show to an ever expanding market throughout the United States and Canada.

His corporate clients include Mobil Oil, Advantage Healthcare and G.E. Research and Development.

Today, hypnosis is being used in the medical field for therapy, healing, smoking and weight control, controlling the flow of blood and as an anesthetic during major surgery.

Interest in the strange and bizarre is at a high level. Hypnosis is definitely of interest to many people now. Many unique features have been incorporated into his hypnotic presentation, which makes it a "one of a kind" performance and makes Michael the premier hypnotist around!

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