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John Branyan

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John Branyan was born in 1628 in the heart of England, a mile south of Bedford a few years before the English Civil War. Whoops! Wait a minute…that was John BUNYAN.

John Branyan was born in 1965 in the heart of America, a mile south of Valparaiso, Indiana a few centuries after the English Civil War. He didn’t write Pilgrim’s Progress, but he’s written loads of comedy!

John began his stand-up career at the age of four when he discovered that he could make his babysitter laugh by imitating the family’s pet guinea pig. (NOTE: Maturity has changed his vocal cords and he is no longer able to do the guinea pig impression. Please do not ask him to include this in the show.) After that monumental discovery, he began a lifelong quest to create laughter as frequently as possible.

A few years later, when he was old enough to go into places where alcohol is served, he made his comedy club debut. The club owners saw something in his act that prompted them to invite him back. Soon, he was working regularly all over the Midwest. Headlining comics requested John open for them because of the atmosphere he creates in a room. Without swearing or vulgarity, John puts an audience in the mood to laugh.

It wasn’t long before John was doing shows by himself. In the corporate world, there’s a demand for comedy performers who won’t say something offensive. John’s diversity is what makes him unique. He can headline an “A room” comedy club or perform at a minister’s luncheon without changing his material.

His recent project is a stage play entitled “Crazy Love”. The 3 person play takes place in a psychiatric office and examines the insanity that accompanies human relationships. Crazy Love has garnered outstanding reviews across the nation. The Washington Post called it, “…brilliant…extremely funny” while The Dallas Morning News proclaimed, “…phenomenal…”.

People in the comedy industry describe John as a “natural comic”. With sharp, polished material and a perfect sense of timing, every show is a little different and totally unforgettable. He’s comfortable in front of small groups and big crowds and his high energy performance leaves the audience literally “crying with laughter”.

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