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Chris Rich / Christine RIch

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Chris Rich began her performing career as a theatrical triple-threat: an actress/singer/dancer in an endless stream of drama, opera and especially musical comedies: "I did 'Oklahoma'! so many times I qualified for Farm Aid."

Those years of stage experience and training were just the foundation for Chris' real goal: standup comedy. Her act naturally involved music and characters, and she has studied voice and acting for years. The combination led one reviewer to rave:" Chris Rich is unbelievably good.

From the minute she took the stage she could do no wrong. Not just a standup, she's a versatile cabaret performer who incorporates character sketches and song parodies into an act that's a pure joy."

Chris Rich performed at the Sands Casino in Atlantic City to Sold Out crowds!

The success of her act, however, is not dependent on these features, and she has performed just as effectively as a straight monologist. Many corporations and colleges have praised her "clean and clever" act, and ongoing improv training has kept her spontaneous enough to handle any comedy situation. Comedy clubs appreciated her talent and trusted her enough to open for Jerry Seinfeld, Roseanne, David Brenner & Gilbert Gottfried.

Chris' act covers a range of absurdities, including:

Travel: "It was a cheap airline and I had a bad feeling about this jet. For instance, the wings didn't match. First class was all crash-test dummies..."

Family: "We were all long, thin, pale redheads. For Halloween, my mom used to make us tease our hair up and go out as a pack of matches."

Sport: "Hunters are always defending themselves: "We're thinning out the herd! Can't let those deer overpopulate! This from the same guy that's got seven kids under the age of two in a mobile home."

The past few years have brought much success: as a result of winning the much-respected Bud Light Ladies of Laughter Contest held at Caesar's in Atlantic City, Chris was given a long-running spot on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. That same year she appeared as a feature comedian on ABC's "The View" with Joy Behar, and most recently has been working in Atlantic City Casinos, opening for well-known stars such as Tony Danza and Sherman Hemsley.

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