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Ian Van Dahl

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Ian Van Dahl consists of singer/songwriter Annemie Coenen, as well as the producers Christophe Chantzis, Erik Vanspauwen, Peter Luts and David Vervoort. On stage Annemie Coenen is supported by 2 to 6 dancers.

Annemie Annemie was born in Herk-De-Stad in Belgium on 14. July 1978. She started singing at the age of 7. She grew up in a musical family; both her mother and sister were into singing. She studied modern languages and art. These studies were supposed to lead her to a career as a stylist. The urge to become a fashion designer is still there, so she spends a lot of time on styling in general. She's into designer clothes and haute couture, especially from people like Vivienne Westwood and Paco Rabanne. One of her dreams is to have her personal line of clothing some day. Annemie is not a hype hopper, instead she tries to stick to her own personal style. General thoughts on fashion: less is more; clothes should be timeless. She has a musical background that originates from a broad music collection: from rock to R&B to lounge and classical music, but she's especially keen on music of the 90's. Her favourite artists are Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Faithless. Annemie spent two summers in Ibiza where she got the dance vibe. All these influences are translated into the lyrics and vocal melody lines of the Ian Van Dahl singles. Annemie had been in touch with many producers before, but she hadnŐt heard anything she liked. However, when Christophe and Erik played 'Castles in the sky' to her, she was convinced right away. Annemie is a busy bee. Apart from her work on the Ace album (she wrote the lyrics for 8 songs and provided vocals for all of them), Annemie has written many songs for the new upcoming album. Most of the time she can be found in different venues all over the world performing live vocals during her blasting shows. When she's not in the studio or on the road, she's involved in photo-sessions and interviews. On top of that, in her own true perfectionist style, she's still taking singing courses.

Producers The producers behind Ian Van Dahl are Christophe Chantzis and Erik Vanspauwen who, together with Annemie, created the first album, as well as Peter Luts and David Vervoort, who are known for their work with Lasgo. Having earned respect all over the world with various club and commercial projects and remixes, the collaboration of such a talented team led once again to a new world-class album

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