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Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell

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Boney M started in 1975 in Germany by Frank Farian. The first record by Boney M was titled Do you wanna bump followed by the first album with hits like Sunny and Daddy Cool. The magic of Boney M continued throughout the following years with record-breaking hits around the world. Hits such as Rivers of Babylon,. Brown Girl In The Ring,. No Woman No Cry,. Painter Man, Mary's Boy Child,.Rasputin, Ma Baker,.1t's A Holi- Holiday and many more.

From 1975 until now the music of Boney M has been made by Frank Farian the producer, together with Liz Mitchell the original lead singer.

Liz Mitchell, born in Jamaica on 12th July, is sensitive and emotional singer. She sang in the musical Hair in Berlin and Hamburg, West Germany, and she sang with the Les Humphries Singers from(1970-73).

From when she was a child, Liz Mitchell knew what she wanted to be an actress or a singer. She dreamed of future successes and made a group with her school friends. They would sing and dance in their break time at school.

Liz Mitchell got the opportunity to go to Germany with the musical Hair and had a wonderful career over the years.

Having had the experience of a full professional, the opportunity came for Liz Mitchell to be lead singer for the Group Boney M. The unique voice of Liz Mitchell became the female vocal sound of Boney M in the seventies and eighties.

Liz Mitchell's hope for the future is to continue fulfilling her first dream which was to sing.

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