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Bob Anderson

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BOB ANDERSON has been building on his vocal stylings since he began his career in his native town of Detroit. Bob worked at every piano bar and supper club in and around Detroit during his up-coming years. Even then his charm and effortless way with a song won him raves from critics and the public alike. It was a forgone conclusion that Bob had to go into show business full-time. After a few short years Bob had the offers and the opportunity to move to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. In less than a year he was opening for headliners like Joan Rivers, Nancy Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine, Juliet Prowse, Jerry Lewis, Dom Deluise, George Burns and making quite a name for himself as an up-and-coming male singer.

A big change was coming that even Bob himself had not anticipated or even calculated. Like a young dancer in "A Chorus Line", Bob would listen to hundreds of hours of the best male singers in the world and then say to himself, "I can do that". And he could! His natural gift for mimicry was a throwaway in his earlier days of performing. He would casually toss in a Dean Martin number....sung and performed exactly the way Dean would do it. Then, he'd do another show with Frank and Sammy doing a duet. The likeness and the accuracy that Bob is able to create is simply uncanny! As time passed and audiences responded to this unique talent and "new gimmick" in his shows, Bob started including other favorites of his that he found he could re-create minutely and brilliantly and sometimes, hilariously...his sense of humor and touches of comedy have become a distinguishing asset in his performances. It was in fact, TV talk-show-host, Merv Griffin, who encouraged Bob to build his act around impressions. Merv was so enthusiastic about Bob's impressions, he had him debut his new act on his TV show taping from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Bob received a standing ovation. He was "discovered" and "rediscovered" all over again as a show stopping singing impressionist. People Magazine named him, "AMERICA'S GREATEST SINGING IMPRESSIONIST". In any performance, audiences are delighted to find Bob's impressions go as far back as Al Jolson and as contemporary as Garth Brooks. "I'll always be a fan of great saloon singers". My favorite impressions are of the nightclub performers throughout the 60's and 70's", says Bob. Early fans like Sammy Davis, Jr., quickly spread the word about the new singing impressionist sensation he was the guy you had to see you!

Bob started appearing regularly on every major national television variety and talk show including, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dinah Shore, David Letterman, Johnny Carson, Showtime, H.B.O., and more. His first appearance on "The Tonight Show w/Johnny Carson", he received a standing ovation. It was Monday. He was back on the show Thursday! The only time a performer ever appeared twice in the same week on the show. Shortly thereafter the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas offered him a two week contract and was held over an amazing 156 weeks. The Top of The Dunes was "BOB ANDERSON'S ROOM"! It was not unusual to see Sammy, or Tom Jones, Buddy Greco, Bobby Darin or Tony Bennett in an Anderson audience. The biggest names in show business would drop by for his late show and join him on stage and perform together. This is a tradition that still takes place wherever Bob performs today. After the Dunes engagement, Bob Anderson started working with headliners up and down the strip, as well as Atlantic City, Reno, Tahoe and around the country such as Johnny Carson, Bill Cosby, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis, Jr., Shirley Bassey. His international appearances have taken him to South Africa, London, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Monte Carlo and many more countries.

Bob has performed for the Kennedy Awards in Washington, D.C. in honor of Henry Kissinger many Friars Club Roasts for such celebs as Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Stewart, Gregory Peck, President Ford, Tony Bennett, Milton Berle and the list goes on. The Las Vegas Review Journal names Bob Anderson at number #12 on the Greatest Performers in Las Vegas History list. Number #1,#2, and #3, were Frank, Dean, and Sammy. Number #11 was Barbra Streisand and number #13 was Ray Charles. Bob is the only performer on the list who is not a house-hold name. Yet! Bob Anderson has had his own TV Sitcom and Variety Show Pilots and has completed his own singing CD. Bob is always working and is one of the top attractions for Corporate America, all star benefits, as well as the best clubs and showrooms all over the world. He will continue to be a nightclub entertainer and pay tribute to the greatest years of music that the world will ever know. Bob resides in Las Vegas with his lovely wife and son.

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