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Dee Wallace Stone

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Dee Wallace Stone grew up in a lower income household in Kansas where both parents worked, and her grandparents filled in as caretaker. Her father was an alcoholic most of Dee's life. She remembers standing around in a circle with family members who were praying for "Daddy" and wondering what was happening. After years of his verbal and emotional abuse towards her mother, a string of lost jobs and poverty, and his final suicide, Dee now understood that prayer circle.

Dee left her native Kansas City, Kansas in 1975 after teaching a year of high school and directing four plays. The day she landed in New York, Dee auditioned for Hal Prince and successfully made it to the finals. It was there she learned the value of singing lessons, after a humiliating rendition of "Happy Birthday," and proceeded to study vigorously. This paid off years later during a successful run in "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" at the Starlight Theater in 1983.

While studying with Uta Hagen, Dee racked up over 30 commercials. Several more industrials took her to Los Angeles, where the welcome was really positive. It was there she found her starring role in "POLICE WOMAN," the lead in a religious production, and secured a theatrical agent. After many guest star parts, she landed the role of "The Hooker" in "LOU GRANT," which led directly to "Mary Lewis" in "10." Many movies of the week, "THE HOWLING" and of course a little film called "E.T." followed, with Stephen King's "CUJO" and "SECRET ADMIRER" on its heels.

Dee continues to work on new and interesting projects. She just completed "SPICE OF LIFE" a celebration of clashing cultures starring Anupan Kher (Bend It Like Beckham) and "HEADSPACE" a supernatural science fiction thriller with William Atherton

As Dee's career enters the new millennium, who knows what new heights she will achieve. A whole new generation has gotten the opportunity to experience the thrill of "E.T." for the first time, when it was re-released in theaters in March of 2002 for the 20th Anniversary. The 20th Anniversary release contained new special effects and additional footage, pushing it to the third biggest box office movie of all time!

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