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Da’ Brooklyn Comedy Tour

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Well Fuggheddaboudit!!! Make way for Da’ Brooklyn Comedy Tour!!! This is a 90 minute show with Comedy, Music, Videos and many more surprises. The best part is you get (Four) Headliners and One Killer Show!!!

Jimmy Della Valle, Tommy Savitt, Bruce Smirnoff and John Mulrooney are four guys from the neighborhood with unique comedy styles and attitudes as diverse as Brooklyn itself. It’s laughter to the “thoid” power. Everyone loves these guys and all ages relate to these Brooklyn funnymen. Da’ Brooklyn Motto: It’s not where you’re from it’s who you are.

Did you know that Brooklyn is the birthplace to some of the greatest names in comedy? You didn’t know that? Well then there’s room in the trunk for people like you! Jackie Gleason, Woody Allen, Chris Rock, Neil Simon, and Joan Rivers are just a few of the famous people to be born there.

What is it about this borough that’s so synonymous to comedy? Is it the cannolis, the pastrami, or the hot dogs? We don’t know so stop asking questions!

Da’ Brooklyn Comedy Tour’s Producer has traveled the country looking for the funniest guys who made their way out of Brooklyn and into the top comedy venues in North America. Here’s a little about them:

Jimmy Della Valle was born and raised in NY and has lived all over NYC, but still calls Brooklyn his home. Jimmy is no stranger to the comedy stage. Don’t let his young looks fool you. He has been making audiences laugh for well over a decade with his unique point of view, otherwise known as a “Jimmyism”. He can be seen headlining all the major comedy clubs, casinos and colleges across the country. Jimmy also has many TV credits such as HBO's “The Sopranos”, “Oz”, and “Sex and The City”. Jimmy has also been seen on “Late Night with Conan O'Brien” and has a #1 hit CD called "It’s Just A Jimmyism". With his unique look, streetwise flare and macho vulnerability you will understand instantly why people love him. Simply put, Jimmy is a sitcom waiting to happen!

Tommy Savitt a Brooklyn born and raised comedian has been gracing the comedy stage for over 10 years. Tommy has appeared both nationally and internationally from comedy clubs, colleges, and casinos to U.S. Military tours. He was recently a finalist in the San Francisco Comedy Competition where the reviews said, “Tommy is like a 21st century Rat Packer and someone should give him his own show in Las Vegas!” You might recognize his face from TV because he has been in over a dozen commercials. One thing for certain about Tommy, he is one of the funniest, original and most memorable acts you will ever see. So sit back, enjoy and learn why everyone is saying his catch phrase: “HEY TOMMY!”

Bruce Smirnoff moved to Brooklyn in his mid 40’s but started his comedy career over 30 years ago. He has developed into a smooth storyteller with dozens of finely crafted one-liners and a style all his own. Smirnoff has a way of pulling people from all walks of life into his world where anyone can relate to his trials and tribulations. Bruce was a huge hit with his one man show at the Montreal Comedy Festival in 1996 and has opened for many stars including Julio Iglesias, The Righteous Brothers and Andrew “Dice” Clay.

John Mulrooney a native of Brooklyn started his comedy career almost 25 years ago. Mulrooney has Headlined almost every top comedy club in the country such as all the Improvs and many different showrooms in Las Vegas. John’s act is a mixture of his ability to improvise in any situation by playing off audiences spontaneously and incorporating them into his killer comedy act. This master of stand-up comedy blends his stage, television and radio experience such as his own hit radio show for the last 10 years to create his own unique brand of quick-witted comedy. Mulrooney’s impressive list of television appearances includes “The Tonight Show,” “Star Search,” “Hollywood Squares,” “Candid Camera” and “An Evening at the Improv” and many others. In addition, he was also a TV host for several shows for the FOX Network including “King of the Mountain,” “The late Show,” and “Comic Strip Live,” which reigned as one of the top 10 programs in its time slot. Simply put, Truly a natural comedic genius not to be missed.

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