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DJ Boris

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NEW YORK -- What makes a DJ brilliant? Is it the success of your #1 remixes for pop, rap, R&B and country superstars? Is it the frenzied flocking of fans to the clubs every time your name is printed on a flyer? Is it the constant flow of promoters throwing money at you to spin marathon sets? If you're DJ BORIS, brilliance encompasses all of these things. Born in Russia's St. Petersburg in March of 1973, BORIS' (Boris Inzhin) pumping-hard, driving sound has become synonymous with "the New York sound," often imitated in cities around the world. The energetic, uplifting music that BORIS masterfully crafts from the DJ booth has frequently caught the attention of major record labels: Virgin Records retained BORIS to remix Janet Jackson's "All I Want" and Thalia's "I'm In Love," Epic Records hired BORIS to remix Anastacia's "Left Outside Alone," Atlantic Records contracted BORIS to remix Jewel's "Stand," and Columbia Records employed BORIS to remix Pink's "Real Good Feel Good." The major labels come back for more. BORIS' remix of Pink's "Get The Party Started" went to #1 on Billboard Magazine's dance chart, and his remix of Gloria Estefan's "Out Of Nowhere" also charted very high. More recently, BORIS' remix of Casey Stratton's "House Of Jupiter" also went to #1 on Billboard's chart. And there's much more. With his former production partner – the highly accomplished Doug Beck – BORIS completed ‘underground house' remixes for Britney Spears, Cyndi Lauper, Salt-n-Pepa, Boyz II Men, Brandy, Shania Twain, and Mya, among others. Indeed, BORIS has an impressive catalogue of production credits under his belt, but it's in the clubs and the electrified surge coming from the DJ booth where BORIS' influence reigns supreme. Today, he holds a residency headlining the main room at Crobar as well as regular gigs playing Asseteria at Show and afterhours at Discotheque and Gypsy Tea. Both Crobar and Asseteria won awards for "Best Superclub" and "Best Party," respectively, at the Club World Awards in Miami during Winter Music Conference 2005. This year, BORIS is nominated as "Best Resident DJ" at the Club World Awards 2006. Outside of Manhattan, BORIS' hard-hitting beats can be heard shaking clubs in Boston (Roxy, Rise), Las Vegas (Empire), Miami (Crobar), and Rhode Island (Therapy). On the international scene, BORIS can be heard playing to packed crowds in Moscow (Jet Set), Toronto (Lucid), Montreal (Stereo), and Tokyo (Coda). While attending The Institute of Audio Research (from which he graduated in 1993), BORIS took his first professional DJ gig at a club called Tilt. He continued rocking his beloved New York crowds in the ensuing years and built a steady following from gigs at New York's Sound Factory, Exit, The Grand, Supper Club, Warsaw and Carbon. BORIS' "Big Friday Party" at New York's Roxy, along with his residency at the infamous Limelight, kept club-goers dancing until well past 9:00am the following mornings. BORIS continues pushing his career forward, and soon, he'll bring his pounding, muscular sound to the Balearic island of Ibiza. In the DJ booth, BORIS manipulates audio waves using two Technics SL1200-series MK2 turntables with Ortofon needles, three Pioneer CDJ-1000 digital decks, a Pioneer EFX-1000 effects unit, and as anyone who's ever stood onstage during a BORIS set will attest, exceptionally loud monitors and subs. BORIS' latest compilation, BELIEVE (Moist Music), will be released worldwide on March 21, 2006. Live BORIS club mixes are burning-up the satellite airwaves on SIRIUS Satellite Radio ("Area 33," SIRIUS) and New Yorkers can also catch BORIS on WKTU Radio's underground house music show, "The Sanctuary." Upcoming BORIS releases include a remix of Loleatta Holloway's "Crash Goes Love 2005," a remix of Jason Walker's "No More Games" (for Junior Vasquez's JVM Records), a remix of Vivian Green's "Wish We Could Go Back," and a big remix of Missy Elliott's "Lose Control." On September 16, 2005, BORIS played a sold-out gig at Ultra Music Festival NY in Central Park with 5,000 attendees. BORIS is featured on the cover of DJ TIMES MAGAZINE and NEXT MAGAZINE, with repeat appearances on Page SIX in the New York Post. BORIS boasts Pioneer and Ortofon as official sponsors. BORIS' residency takes place Saturdays in the main room at Crobar (NYC), where fans pack the club to hear his signature "marathon DJ sets."

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