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Jyve V

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They are five talented young men. All five sing, dance, choreograph and compete fiercely—they've won every competition they've entered. In the beginning, the Puerto Rican Group, Jyve V, was just a great idea in the minds of three teenagers: Jason Calderon, his brother, Rafa, and their friend Alex Martinez. Before long, they were joined by Chelo and lastly by Samuel.

Jyve V made their professional debut in December 1997. In their first outing, they qualified for the finals of a dance competition called "The Battle of the Sexes." Needless to say, they emerged victorious.

Excited by their initial showing and enthusiastic about growing professionally, they practiced diligently and developed over 400 inventive and audacious new moves, choreography that was both elaborate and innovative. Invited to compete on Telemundo's 1998 Spanish-language variety series, "Suenos De Fama," JyveV made their first trip to Miami in August, 1998. On "Suenos de Fama," a nationally televised, big-budget talent competition, they won nine consecutive times, earning weekly prize money and ultimately the grand prize. During their unstoppable run on the show, they were spotted by legendary TV producer, Sam Riddle (STAR SEARCH), who was impressed by their dance act. When he learned they could also sing, it was only a matter of time before Jyve V signed a record contract with powerhouse EMI Latin, the label has released their self-titled debut album.

Each of the members of Jyve V had musical backgrounds and experience, having sung in high school and university choirs. Initially, however, "dancing definately came first," group leader Jasond Calderon insists. Their discovery as a singing act happened by accident, when a behind-the-scenes camera crew recorded them singing as they waited to perform. "At that time, none of us thought he would ever be a professional singer... It was only later that we got serious about singing, taking lessons everyday and preparing for the album. Now, here we are with our album finished! This is our most important competition!"

On their first album, Jasond and Rafa Calderon, Alex Martinez, Samuel Padua, and Chelo Mejias have layered modern rhythms over their vocal harmonies -- rhythms from music genres as diverse as pop and rock ballads, tecno/dance and rap, R&B and Bolero. True to their island's roots, Jyve V's music is imbued with a definite tropical flair.

"Jyve V" contains 11 cuts, three of which are in English. Two songs were composed by the members of the group: "No Me Digas Que No" in Spanish; and "I Pray" in English. The other two songs in English are: "Magic of the Night" by Brian Rawlings, and "Nina Bonita" by Travis Cook.

Displaying both collective and individual talkents, Jyve V's first single is entitled "Entre Tu y Yo", an original compoition by Alejandro Montalban. Produced by Eduardo Reyes, "Entre Tu y Yo" is a pop ballad featuring countrapuntal vocal work from the five artists.

In the vocal arrangements, each of the members of Jyve V plays a specific role. Jasond is the bass, Rafa provides the soprano tone, Alex sings alto tenor, Samuel is the lead tenor and Chelo occupies the highest register.

Prior to signing with EMI, Jasond planned a career as a mechanical engineer, as did his brother Rafa. Alex was specializing in communications, with an emphasis on television. Samuel was training to be a civil engineer, working in construction. Only Chelo says that he always wanted to be a dancer or singer -- and nothing else.

The name "Jyve V" came to the group in a stroke of luck and good timing. Moments prior to competing in a dance contest, the guys realized they'd forgotten to name themselves. One of them, and no one remembers who, said 'Jyve', to which everyone enthusiastically agreed. Later, they looked it up in the dictionary only to learn to their delight and surprise that the word describes a dance step. Seeking to distinguish themselves further, they added the Roman numeral 'V', a reference both to the five members and a universally recognized sign of victory.

In Hollywood, for the filming of their first video, "Entre Tu y Yo", Jyve V was thrilled to obtain the participation of the gorgeous and talented Joyce Girard, Miss Puerto Rico 1998 and third finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant. This was no accident; the boys had met Girard in Hawaii during taping of the PAX TV series "Destination Stardom," to which they had contributed the theme song, "Magic of the Night." ("Magic of the Night" also appears on their album.)

Optimistic, enthusiastic, confident and destined for stardom, Jasond, Rafa, Alex, Chelo and Samuel are ready for their next triumph.

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