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Roy Wood Jr.

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Education: Ramsay High School. '96 Florida A&M University- 2001 B.S. Broadcast Journalism

First Break in Radio: Doing Morning News for Hot 105.7 in Tallahassee. Comedian used to leave the station early so I'd stay and crack jokes during the rest of the show.

First Break in Comedy: The greatest / Dumbest thing I've ever done. 4 months into the biz I got a chance to open for Tommy Davidson in Charlotte but it was during the week of mid-terms. I missed all 5 of my tests and basically flunked out a semester of college to open for Tommy Davidson but that opened some doors.

What do you love about Birmingham?: I love how in B'ham whenever there's a rumor of snow the ENTIRE CITY shuts down. I'm walking through West End and everyone is buying up the milk and eggs.

Favorite Foods: Hamburger helper, seedless grapes and cheese cake, and that damn Lemon Pie from Johnny Ray's BBQ.

Ideal Car: Anything but Minivans or a station wagon with that fake woodgrain on the door that's always peeling off.

Dream Vacation: To Any Country that doesn't have Beef with the U.S. So that leaves what...England and Australia. Can't Trust Canada.

Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs, Miami Dolphins, & New Orleans Hornets. And any half-ass pro football team that stays in Birmingham for more than one year.

Best Joke: Visionland.

Nick Name: Roy Wood The Sequel, Missa Wood,

Achievements and Awards: 2002- Showtime @ the Apollo, Comedy Central Laugh Riots Competition 3 Years Straight. Drove 17 hours from Orlando, FL to NYC- No Help, No Sleep.

If you had a dinner party and could invite any four people alive or dead to attend, who would they be?: Bernie Mac, Charles Barkley, Charles S. Dutton, Samuel L. Jackson, Phylicia Rashad.

Out of all the things you have done in your life, which accomplishment are you most proud of? Getting the opportunity to appear on "Its Showtime At the Apollo" and not getting booed. You know how hard they are on comics on that show.

Which are you most Ashamed of?: about 2 years ago, the Greyhound I was riding got to Nashville Late so I had to iron my clothes in the bus station bathroom. Some white collar looking white dude came in saw what I was doing and immediately took his shirt off, handed me his shirt and $2 and told me to "Hit the collar and sleeves". While he was in the stall taking a sh*t, I packed up my stuff and stole his shirt.

On a Sunday Afternoon where can we find you? Usually Sitting in my car driving back to Birmingham from some comedy gig.

What is the message that you want to relay to your listeners? Don't live your life sitting around thinking about what could be or could've been. Get out and do it. Dont' be afraid to take chances...No Fear.

What was your crowning moment in Comedy? The first Time i was EVER paid for a gig 7 years ago. Told 15 mins worth of jokes in front of a Rock Band and got paid a whole $4.

When your 80, what will you be doing? Sitting at a strip club Eating Apple Sauce and Oatmeal trying to see if my tool still works.

If you are single, what are the qualities that you look for in a mate? someone with a sense of humor of who can at least take a joke. Goal oriented and sitting around all day.

Favorite Hangout: Wal-Mart, Pool Halls and Bookstores. Southside/ 5 pts. South. That's where all the Comedy is.

We can catch you saying this more than once a week: What wouldn't you pay?..To be me for just one day.

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