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The Association

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The Association as a group, is incorporated as Laruju, Inc. It is currently owned and operated by Larry Ramos and Russell Giguere, two of the original members of the group.

The Association turns 35 in 2000. ‘99 has been a year of change & surprises - after 25 years of only having our “Greatest Hits” album available, the seven albums on Warner Bros. have been released in Japan.

Jordan Cole, Brian’s son, is now with us. He plays keyboard and synthesizer on stage, and has a really wide vocal range. He also plays guitar and drums and is a funny guy. Jordan replaces Donni Gougeon, who has ill-health in his family and is unable to travel.

We brought Bob Werner in on bass. He sings baritone, plays guitar and keyboards, is a veteran recording engineer, and has done a lot of music producing. Bob has been filling in for Paul Holland on and off for a couple of years anyway, and Paul’s light and sound compnay is so successful, it leaves little time for anything else. But both Paul and Donni still fill in, now and then.

We were on the road less than 100 days in ‘99 but, as usual, from Alaska to Florida and everything in-between and beyond. ‘99 took us to Puerto Rico, Haiti, Jamaica, Hawaii, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Uruguay, Cozumel, Mexico, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

We did only one symphony date this year, this one in Jacson, Tennessee. I personlly love these concerts and we’ve done quite a number of them over the past ten years.

We will be in Phoenix, Arizona on New Year’s Eve. The line-up will be me, Larry Ramos, Del Ramos, Bruce Pictor, Bob Werner, Jordan Cole and for the NewYear’s Eve, the lovely Donni Gougeon!

See ya ‘round the planet Love, Russ

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