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The Edlos

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Who are The EDLOS? Four guys who sing without instrumental accompaniment... A Cappella. What's with the name? The story they tell is that the name is an acronym for Excessive Decibel Levels from Outer Space and that they're refugees from the planet "A" which circles the star Capella in the constellation Auriga. The story goes on, but let's cut to reality here for a minute. These four classically trained guys; Eric, Larry, Ed, and Craig were destined to take their schooling, talent, and golden voices into the 21st century, always breaking new ground in their never ending pursuit of A Cappella diversity and originality.

Speaking of diversity, the EDLOS have three shows to offer. Their critically acclaimed Popourri Show, which consistently draws standing ovations, is made up of eclectic originals and familiar favorites. But that's only where the fun begins.

The Bad Boys of A Capella have a Country Western Show that's both contemporary and traditional, featuring hard-core country croonin' and world class yodeling. It's a guaranteed smiler!

Come the holiday season the EDLOS deck the halls with a wide variety of harmoniously spirited songs, traditional and original, with their very special Holiday Show.

Now when the EDLOS put on a show, it's not just standing on a stage and singing the tunes...oh no...there are lights, smoke, costumery, tomfoolery, wigs, and assorted mayhem, that all combine to make an unforgettable performance.

One last point. Humor. These guys have a strong sense of comedy. No. Let's rephrase that. They're a crackup. They can't help it. Of course they do get serious occasionally. But don't take it from us, take it from the critics - check it out!

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