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Daryle Singletary

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A lot of things have changed for Daryle Singletary since the release of his debut album, but his commitment to classic country remains rock solid.

All Because Of You, Daryle Singletary's sophomore effort, is perfectly tailored for a true-blue country music lover. From the Buck Owens-style toe tapper, The Used To Be's to the heart-stopping ache of Hurts Don't It and Even The Wind, All Because Of You is a dictionary of honky-tonk emotions. The hillbilly fun of Liar, Liar My Heart's On Fire contrasts strikingly with the sad desperation of He'll Heal My Broken Heart.

This album also marks Daryle Singletary's emergence as a songwriter to be reckoned with. Both the lighthearted Redneckin' and the heartbroken That's What I Get For Thinkin' display a new side to this masterful vocalist's talent.

If there is a running theme through this project, it is the blossoming of true romance. When the youngster recorded Daryle Singletary, his debut album, he was a struggling and lonely unknown in Nashville. Since its release, he has become a newlywed and the glow of young love shines all over All Because Of You. The title cut, Amen Kind Of Loue, the first single, and My Heart Population You brim with smiling emotion, starry-eyed optimism and love-struck joy.

"I dedicated the album to my wife and All Because Of You says everything I want her to hear. When I met Kerry, I did a complete turnaround in my life. She has been my saving grace," says Daryle.

The 25 year-old Georgia native shot to fame in early '96 with his back-to-back Top-five hits I Let Her Lie and Too Much Fun. He guest starred on CBS's Touched By An Angel and toured with country's biggest celebrities. He learned to write songs and to become a showman. Along the way, Singletary met many of his boyhood heroes.

Daryle Singletary grew up singing Southern Gospel music with his family in rural Georgia. As a teenager, he idolized performers like Randy Travis, George Jones, and Keith Whitley. By the time he reached high school, he was positive he wanted to become a country music performer. Singletary arrived in Nashville in 1990 and immediately began making the rounds at the local nightclub talent contests. Eventually he became a regular at the Broken Spoke, a club that had also been instrumental in the early careers of Tim McGraw and Tracy Lawrence.

Members of Randy Travis' road crew spotted Singletary and were struck by his extraordinary vocal skill. They pestered the star until his wife/manager Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis agreed to listen to his tape. Singletary had recorded a pair of singles for the independent label Evergreen Records in 1992. Those recorded performances plus his note-bending, honky-tonk mastering in live performances convinced Hatcher-Travis to sign him to a management contract. It was a fan's dream come true. Singletary had worshipped Travis from afar for years and now the superstar was becoming a part of his professional life.

Later, Giant Records President James Stroud made the trek to the Broken Spoke to hear the singer everyone was talking about. He instantly understood why Music Row's songwriters and publishers were clamoring to have Daryle sing their country demos, why hardcore country lovers were filling the club, and why executives and stars alike were looking him over. By the end of the performance, Stroud was also convinced Giant Records should be Singletary's new home.

With the release of Daryle Singletary, the country newcomer picked up rave reviews right out of the starting gate. "He has terrific presence and a knack for inhabiting a lyric," wrote Alanna Nash in Entertainment Weekly. "It's clear he's in it for the long haul." USA Today's David Zimmerman hailed Singletary as, "one of country's ever-dwindling number of arch-traditionalists."

I'm Living Up To Her Low Expectations introduced radio listeners to Singletary's classic country style. With his low, Haggard-like dips and curling phrasing � la Lefty Frizzell and Keith Whitley, the singer had all the earmarks of country greatness. Then the smoldering vocal embers in I Let Her Lie opened the door to massive airplay success. Singletary walked through it and achieved even greater renown with the infectious up-tempo romp Too Much Fun. That single's video became a number one hit on Country Music Television's countdown show.

In the wake of the back-to-back smashes, Country America cited Daryle Singletary as one of its Top Ten New Stars of 1996. Billboard, Music Row, and other publications chimed in with even more praise. The deliciously melodic Workin' It Out became the fourth single from Daryle Singletary and paved the way for the release of All Because Of You.

Unfortunately, Daryle Singletary had a little "too much fun" in between recording the two albums. He split open his head and broke his leg in an accident on a four-wheeler and spent part of the summer performing on crutches or sitting on a stool.

"Actually, I think it helped me to become a better entertainer. I was sitting down, so I started talking to the audience. I thought I had to, to overcome something. I learned how to communicate with the audience on a different level. I want to leave there feeling like they could walk right up to me anywhere and talk to me. I want them to feel at home. I'm just regular people. I'm just a singer - that's the only thing that's different."

"I'm a big country fan myself, a huge country fan. I am reminded of that every day. I know what it feels like to look up to these artists, because I still do it. I know how that audience feels. Whenever I walk on stage, I remember to always put myself in their shoes. That's the way I do my shows and that's the way I pick my songs."

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