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Beverley Mahood

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Born in Northern Ireland on November 2, 1974, Beverley Mahood began performing the day she arrived in Canada in 1980 at age six. Living in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region of Ontario, in a family of eight (parents, three sisters, and two brothers), she took to the stage and has never left. Now, eighteen years later, her musical resume includes numerous Canadian and International contest awards, European and Canadian tours and a "Top 10" single appropriately titled "Girl Out Of The Ordinary" , which was also the #1 song in country music by a Canadian Artist. The song is autobiographical and speaks volumes on Beverley's life and positive approach to living it. Of her chart-topping debut song and video Beverley states, "It's about being yourself and believing in who you are, even if you are a little different."

This all indicates a roadmap to success as unique as Beverley's no-holds-barred approach to new country music. Her ascendance to the top was accelerating as her second single and video "A Little Thing Called Love" again rocketed to top ten status on the charts. The current single and video "Let's Kiss And Make Up" (a duet with Ken Munshaw) is following the same pattern and speaks well of the potential for commercial success of the album.

Beverley's debut album titled "Girl Out Of The Ordinary" was scheduled to hit stores in the fall of '97, but with a new distribution contract with "Denon Records" was postponed till February 3, 1998. In it is a revealing look at this young woman's attitude about life, songwriting and music. A co-writer on 10 of the 11 songs on the album Beverley has a lot to say about life and says it with a musical styling and a voice that should earn her status among New Country's most elite artists. The album was produced by J. Richard Hutt, Canadian producer of well known artists Tom Cochrane, The Northern Pikes, Jamie Warren, among others.

Beverley has worked with Rick since the age of 11 when she sang Madonna and Patsy Cline tunes to a Karaoke machine in the Lobby of his studio. He was impressed!

From the small town yearnings to break free in "Girl Out Of The Ordinary" to the sassiness of "A Little Thing Called Love", and "I Don't Do", (which contains, what has to be one of the best lines ever written in a song ... 'I want to be your lover, not your mother'), to the tenderness of "I Love How You Listen To Me", Beverley shows herself to be a young woman with honest determination and her eyes firmly set on what she wants to accomplish in life.

In these days of "hats and navels" and "covergirl" types of artists filling the New Country genre, it would be easy to mistake a beautiful young woman like Beverley Mahood as just another artist that is all sizzle and no steak... Wrong! Anyone who has spent more than two minutes with Beverley or seen her perform live, this is an artist of tremendous depth and sensitivity. She has a great deal to offer and it appears that she is going to get the chance to show what she can do. A recent example of this can be seen in Beverley's opportunity to work with renowned producer David Foster in Los Angeles.

Beverley is ready to go to work on the road with her band. "We only did a few dates last year because I was working so hard on finishing the album, but now that the record is finished, we are planning on being out in full force in '98." Beverley recently held a starring role in a Toronto musical "Castlerocks" at the Young People's Theatre in Toronto. A cross-Canada tour with Jason McCoy was kicked of with a show in Peterborough on February 12 and will see Beverley doing dates across Canada. A full schedule of summer festivals is in the works for summer 1998.

Meanwhile as her story unfolds, she will continue to live out the lyrics to her song "Girl Out Of The Ordinary" and "dream in colour". Beverley released 5 songs under Independant Recording Label before finally being signed with "Denon Records" in November 1997. This young lady believes in herself and it shows!

Her first singles "Girl Out Of The Ordinary", "Hook, Line And Sinker", "Little Thing Called Love", "All Through The Night", and her latest with Ken Munshaw, "Let's Kiss And Make Up" have all seen much radio play. All five songs have had video follow-ups seeing airplay on CMT (Country Music Television) in Canada. (check your local listings for channel in your area)

I have had the pleasure of seeing Beverley Mahood perform in concert and meeting her after the show. Let me tell you .. she is as nice and down to earth as anyone I have met. With this lady's voice and determination you will be hearing her name in the New Country world for many years to come.

I got some great photos to add to Photo Gallery #2 from the Album Release Party on January 30, 1998. Check out the Photo Gallery for a new layout, and some great new photos. More to come!!

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