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Pat Kilbane

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Pat Kilbane graduated from Beloit College as a French major and began work as a stand-up comedian immediately thereafter. He toured the midwest for four years, spending over 40 weeks a year on the road. After working every room from the prestigious Improvs to the pool-hall-hell-gigs of Kentucky, Pat packed up his '83 Chrysler 5th Avenue and moved to Los Angeles.

His first acting work came in commercials for Budweiser (fighting an evil 'fridge), Tostitos, and Sony Playstation. Later came guest starring roles on Seinfeld (as Bizarro Kramer), Single Guy, and HBO's Arli$$. Look for Pat later this year in "Monkeybone," with Brendan Fraser, and in the Ivan Reitman film "Road Trip."

Okay, finally I got around to updating my bio, and my haircut. Those of you who have seen the show recently have probably noticed that I'm growing my hair, which is no small trauma in my life. I have been wearing it more or less military-short ever since I got my first "Footloose" haircut in the mid-80's. I like not having to wear as many wigs for characters on the show, and I'm also pleased that there are less e-mails from people who have had nightmares about me. But I did cry the day I had to go out and buy a comb.

I am thrilled to be back for my third season on the show. The press we're getting has been great and the guest stars have been a lot more fun and interesting. Remember the Sean Connery sketch I did with Rebecca Gayheart? The disgusted reaction she gave when my dentures fell out was quite real. She probably thought she had broken character and that we would stop tape, but we kept rolling since it was so perfect for the sketch. (There's a little behind-the-scenes trivia for you.)

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