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Sticky Fingers (Tribute to the Rolling Stones)

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Dick Swagger,vocalist, grew up in suburban Detroit. He was tortured throughout adolescence with 'Do you know who you look like?' Dick was also kicked out of Jr. High vocal class for singing the third verse of 'Star Star' to the tune of 'Aquarius'. After graduating, Dick, forever a massive Stones fan, went to view various Rolling Stone tribute bands. After being disappointed too many times he decided to do it right. Hence the conception of Sticky Fingers.

Richard Keith learned to play 'Satisfaction' at the age of four on his grandfather's guitar. Also from Detroit, Keith ran into Dick Swagger at the Rolling Stones concert in Pontiac, Michigan. After leaping over the wall from the cheap seats and rushing toward the stage, Richard inadvertently crashed into Dick, spilling beer all over his new Tattoo You shirt. After security broke up the ensuing brawl, Dick, having lost his ticket in the scuffle, was escorted to the parking lot. After moving to Hollywood, Richard once again ran into Dick while trying to unload an extra ticket at the Steel Wheels concert in 89. Remembering their first incident and having a good laugh about it, they became instant friends. Sticky Fingers had its core.

Woody Taylor hails from the once industrial town of Pittsburgh, PA. His love affair with the guitar started quite early when his brother gave him a tennis racquet. Tather than chasing a ball around in the hot sun he used the racquet as a pretend guitar. After taking lessons, Woody toured and recorded throughout the Midwest. After relocating to Los Angeles, Woody hooked up with Dick and the boys via Nanker Phelge at one of his notorious swingers retreats. Much to Woody's dismay, not a single hole of golf was played, but a good time was had by all!

Nanker Phelge, on bass and vocals, survived the rain and gloom of Seattle to relocate to the southland in 82. Performing with a variety of acts, he has settled into a solid, groove oriented player. After a near fatal groin injury while performing, Nanker adopted a more stationary approach to his playing. This new technique has afforded him easier access to the ladies in the audience.

Harley Watts found the drums to be a good escape from the serene life of a small midwestern town. Taking the train into Minneapolis, he would sneak into the clubs as a teen to hear the great R & B and jazz groups that passed through. His solid, no frills approach to the drums fits in perfectly with Sticky Fingers.

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