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Spiritualized are set to release their third album for Dedicated in June. It is called, rather splendidly and somewhat wryly Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space, and is without doubt, the album they have long threatened to make. It is not so much the Spiritualized you never expected to hear, it is more the Spiritualized you have always hoped to hear. It is also the way Jason Pierce has always wanted Spiritualized to sound. And it's really quite wonderful in the true sense of the word. The sheer audacity of some of this record is such that it really shouldn't work. Rules were always made to be broken - droning electronics, western harmonicas, seething guitar, Aaron Copland strings and Memphis horns are not suppose to nestle together in a rack. Quite remarkably they do. And remarkable it is, right from the opening track which creates an electronic/orchestral loop of sound out of the Elvis' chestnut "I Can't Help Falling In Love" that literally sounds like it's coming from outer space. Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space is Spiritualized come of age. Moving and poignant startling and ambitious, music that is composed in a classical sense, music that takes avant garde ideas but which is timeless gorgeous pop in the Beatles/Beach Boys tradition. That said it sounds like neither of them and is far from superficial. Total pop for now people. Out there. Floating In Space.

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