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Soul For Real

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Candy Rain, which shipped gold (signifying more than 500,000 units). The album's first single, the smooth and soothing title song, "Candy Rain," quickly earned the distinction of being the highest-debuting Pop single in the history of Uptown Records. After its debut, "Candy Rain" shot up to the top reaches of the Pop Singles chart and has already sold platinum (more than 1,000,000 units). "Candy Rain" is also a #1 R&B song.

Soul For Real comprises of the four Dalyrimple brothers: Jason (Jase), age 14; Brian (Bri), age 18; Andre (Dre), age 20; and Sherman (Choc), age 21. All hail from Long Island, New York. Jase, the group's youngest, sings leads. As have so many musical legends of the past, the Dalyrimples trace their roots to the church. In fact, counting brothers, sisters, their mother, father and grandmother, the Dalyrimples nearly made up the entire choir. (Today, Soul For Real has remained a family affair: the three Dalyrimple sisters -- Nicole, Desire and Kimberly -- sing background on two of Candy Rain's tracks.)

In 1992, after many years of honing their chops in the choir box, the brothers formed Soul IV Real. Shortly afterwards, as Bri was washing dishes at a local McDonald's, the restaurant's manager, an aspiring entertainment entrepreneur, overheard his clear, strong tenor. On the spot, the man offered his services as Soul For Real's manager. The group quickly recorded a demo and entered the Apollo Theater's Amateur Night contest, which they won twice in a row, before being knocked off on their third visit.

The group was soon discovered by Uptown recording artist and Vice President of A&R Heavy D, who was so impressed by Soul For Real's talent, that he produced or co-produced every song on Candy Rain, and co-wrote eight of the album's 11 songs. Candy Rain also features production contributions from Kenny Green of Intro, Poke and Red Hot Lover Tone from Trakmasters (who co-produced Mary J. Blige's recent hit, "Be Happy") and "Juicy" Biggie Smalls. "You haven't seen anything like Soul For Real since the Jackson 5," Heavy D boasts. "They're all brothers and, boy, can they blow."

In addition to the phenomenal chart success of Candy Rain, the members of Soul For Real have also made their mark during several television appearances. The group was a featured attraction of MTV's recent Spring Break coverage, appeared on ABC-TV's In Concert, performed live for BET's Video Soul program, and were guests on the syndicated The John Stewart Show.

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