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Michael Colyar

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"Michael Colyar making a difference…keeping it real"

The nighttime talk show business had a brand new player when Michael Colyar was on the set. Colyar successfully created a blend of humor that both entertains and informs…he brought a whole new flavor to Late Nite, and created for himself a brand new audience.

Colyar made his mark in the hearts and minds of his audience on the Boardwalk of Venice Beach California with his thought-provoking humor. Dubbed The King of Venice Beach where every Saturday and Sunday for over 9 years Colyar would perform 5 one-hour shows a day to audiences of all ages, races, and backgrounds.

Colyar’s informative and highly entertaining brand of comedy not only demands but guarantees positive response. As "Host" of "Live From LA", his point blank delivery and razor-sharp insight connected to the guest that joined him on the sofa, as well as audiences of all ages, coast to coast.

Colyar is known to bring the same high energy, perfect delivery, dynamic stage presence to every show, whether his audience is 55 million cable viewers, or a group of 6 graders...Michael Colyar loves his work.

In September of 1995 the city of Venice California honored Michael Colyar by placing his shoe prints, handprints and money grabber in cement for the new Venice boardwalk to be dedicated in December 2000.

Colyar gained notable attention in 1990 when he was the $100,000 Grand Prize Comedy champion of "Star Search", the nationally televised talent competition, donating $50,000.00 to homeless charities in the Los Angeles area.

In addition to Hosting "Live From LA", one of cable televisions most popular talk shows 4 nights a week, Colyar’s had feature roles in numerous films, and TV shows; "Hosted" HBO Def Comedy Jam; performs at comedy clubs and concert halls; continues to be active in fundraisers and benefits for community and national organizations, and whenever possible, if Colyar is in concert performance, you will find him stopping by a neighborhood school, youth center or homeless shelter, sharing the laughter…practicing what he preaches, "what I give my brother, I give myself".

Mr. Colyar is currently working on the release of his 1 Hour Special "The Michael Colyar Project"…shot in the projects of several major cities, including Chicago Robert Taylor Homes where Colyar grew up.

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