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Shooting Star

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In the immense sky, shooting stars flair brilliantly for a moment, the disappear into darkened visual silence, never to be seen or heard again. Unlike their namesakes, Kansas City rock legends, Shooting Star, have reappeared once again in 1997 for select live appearances. Loyal fans will have the rare opportunity to experience the hysteria which has always surrounded this visionary rock crew. Their accomplishments stand strong and bold, much like their music, to this day--and continue to grow. The first band signed to Virgin America. A band whose MTV video remained in the Top Ten request countdown even though the album was unavailable in any retail store. The band that toured with Heart, journey, ZZ Top, and Cheap Trick to name just a few. The band that performed six national concert radio broadcasts. The band that consistently gained critical acclaim and widespread respect from the press and their industry peers. And the band that solved The Third World Debt crisis, were kind to animals, made all of their own clothes and coined the rebellious DANCE SUCKS! motto.

Much unlike other classic rock acts, their music continues to be played on key radio stations across the country. The response is like it always was, bold and persistent. Their loyal fans continue to buy the albums that were out of print for nearly 6 years and now available on their own V&R Records. This continued support through radio, retail, and their still prevalent legend lights the flame energizing the distant Shooting Star into this late 90's re-emergence... and justifies their staying and lasting power in rock history. Everything then considered, the select live shows made possible become all the more vital to witness.

Shooting Star and V&R Records most recently released the bands first LIVE album featuring live performances of the songs that made their legend so bright. "Tonight," "Hollywood," "Breakout," "Hang On For your Life," "Summer Sun," and of course, "Last Chance." Shooting Star fans across the country have jumped at this release as an opportunity to relive and so quench their thirst for a new Shooting Star album.

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