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"The South shall rise again!" by Ned J. Rabinowitz

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the trailer, Rapnexx explodes onto the music scene. Led by production whiz kid J Quest and lead rapper Ma$ta BaTe$, Rapnexx is hard-core redneck rap. The self proclaimed "trailer park Don Juans" have been on fire since their national television debut on the show. But it hasn't always been smooth sailing for the Jack Daniels swiggin' crew.

Rapnexx combines hard-core rap attitude with rock "n" roll flair. Quest and BaTe$ put a year into the making of their masterpiece debut "Deliverance". "With "Deliverance" we wanted to capture the true essence of the trailer park lifestyle. Like an episode of Jerry Springer but with way more reality," says BaTe$. "We are speaking for all the poor white trash out there, for those who feel they don't have a voice, or perhaps feel they can't go on. We give them hope, and let them know that it's ok to be poor and represent their voice," exclaims BaTe$. BaTe$ knows what it is to be poor. The lead rapper of the Rapnexx crew reportedly once lived in a tool shed and both Quest and BaTe$ have had more than their share of lean years. The duo spent many years out in Los Angeles playing on the world famous Sunset Strip. "When we lived in California, everybody just thought we were dumb hicks and treated us that way. Now we roll through town via Nastyville, TN. and we are overnight celebs," states Quest.

The crew paints a rather sordid picture of their home base in Nashville, TN. Rapnexx calls Nashville, "Nastyville" and upon listening to their CD "Deliverance", one gets a pretty good idea why. Everything on the record is based on reality. Many of the scenarios and events on the record actually took place. Nonetheless there is a great sense of humor on the record. Ma$ta BaTe$ is the guy every southern boy wants to be. For BaTe$, life is a never ending soap opera replete with copious amounts of "redneck gurlz", "Jack & Coke", and "Rap n Roll". Live, the group performs with a standard rock outfit that helps propel them into a mass marketers dream come true. Future anthems to the south like "$traight Outta 'Bama", and their hard-core slam of the boy band genre "Backdoor Boyz" have been riding the top 40 download charts for for months. All this from the groups incessant online promotion techniques.

Rapnexx is gearing up for the release of their debut CD "Deliverance" and preparing for their "World Tour". Calls are coming in to the groups manager, Gaby Hoffman requesting personal appearances and it's heating up to be a very hot summer for the Rapnexx crew. Let's hope the crew can survive their own demons long enough to take Rapnexx to the top of the charts. I'm betting Ma$ta BaTe$, J Quest, and the rest of the Rapnexx crew will be around for quite a while. The south shall rise again indeed!

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